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How to Make Money on YouNow

How to Make Money on YouNow
The power of technology is simply limitless.

Nowadays, anyone can be a star. You don’t need to be immaculately good-looking or carry a six-pack like Zac Efron's. As long as you bring something unique to the table, it’s easier to attract viewers and turn them into loyal subscribers.

A lot of new live-streaming apps are emerging on the market. One of these apps that are starting to skyrocket is YouNow. This live-streaming app is not only popular among teens and younger generations. This platform offers an opportunity for everyone to share a snippet of their everyday lives. It doesn’t only help you connect with other people across the globe, but more importantly, YouNow gives you an opportunity to make money.

If you’re hungry for a little fame and money, this article will guide you on how to use YouNow and make money.

Through the Younow platform, you can earn money through the live broadcast that you do, you can use Younow's website or download the application that works on iPhone and Android.

You can watch live broadcasts and videos on Younow for free, you can also follow your favorite stars on Younow and get notifications when any of them makes a live broadcast.

Through Younow, you can chat voice and image with anyone in this world.

How to make money from live broadcast on Younow:

You can register to Younow service using your Google, Facebook or Twitter account

First you need to create a Younow channel: put a channel name, a thumbnail description of your channel's domain, set a personal photo and cover. Almost like YouTube.

To enter Younow's website from here

To learn more about Younow, click here

Download the Younow Android application from here

 application, click Younow to download the iPhonehere