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VALORANT 5v5 Global Battlefield - Free Download for PC + Full Game Explanation

 VALORANT 5v5 Global Battlefield - Free Download for PC + Full Game Explanation

Hello, Today we present to you a new game of tactical shooting and role-playing in 5 against 5 battlefields on the Internet.

Developed by the American giant Riot Games, the developer of League of Legends.

The game provides maps for play and competition between players is an open world. Two teams compete in the map, each team consisting of 5 players to compete for points in the map and bullion shields, provided that the match is 13 rounds. Each player has one life during the round.

The game includes a wide range of diverse weapons in addition to 11 characters or agents so far in 4 divisions: the swordsman, the controller, the initiator and the guard. Each of the four types has an advantage and a way of playing to exchange roles between players from the same team in an integrated cooperative mode to win battles.

Graphics and graphics are more than wonderful, a realistic simulation of the atmosphere of the real race
I play it in Arabic, bye the language barrier in the games, the game is available in Arabic
Fair 5v5 competitive online battlefields
Developed by the popular gaming giant Riot Games
Professional Rank Challenges
Play it now for free on Microsoft Windows operating systems

Customers - game characters
The game includes 11 characters of various abilities and skills

Jet (duel)
A fighter from South Korea, she has a distinctive fighting style with agility and speed, dribbling on the battlefield, surprising enemies and crushing them even before they know what is going on, she can perform dangerous moves and roles that no other agent can implement.
Rise (duel)
Its country of origin is Brazil, specializing in handling heavy weapons, explosions and major damage on the battlefield, great at forcing fortified enemies out of their hideouts and clearing confined spaces.
British (initiator)
He is a semi-automatic man from Sweden, who has very strong mobility and is great for initiating combat, taking damage and confusing enemies.
OMN (microcontroller)
Known as the Ghost Operator, he is distinguished for his abilities to hide in the dark and to strike undetected - spreading panic among the enemies.
Brimstone (controller)
Native to the United States of America, he is considered the best field commander for the team. He is well versed with a diverse arsenal of weapons and his ability to support the team from long distances.
Phoenix (swordsman)
Native to the United Kingdom, he is a shining star on the battlefield with a unique fighting style capable of crushing tons of enemies without the need for help.
Sage (Guardian)
Chinese Sage provides protection for her team, for her ability to revive her friends and respond to attacks, providing safety for her team on the battlefield.
Suva (initiator)
He is a Russian sniper, specializing in tracking and killing enemies with precision, using sniper rifles or the bow specially made for his amazing skills that ensure that targets are accurately hit with critical strikes.
Fiber (controlled)
Toxic chemical warfare specialist, she disperses chemicals on the battlefield such as blocking vision and killing her prey in complete silence with ease.
Cypher (goalkeeper)
Cypher is a specialist in collecting information from the original homeland of Morocco. He owns devices that monitor the enemies' movements and reveal their secrets and plans. It is not easy to deceive, as he is the king of deception.
Reina (duel)
Fighter from Mexico, distinguished in single-person combat, she can handle various weapons and machine guns with great skills.

Publisher / Developer: Riot Games
Age rating suitable for those 12+ or older (moderate violence)
The genre is a tactical shooter based on the role-playing game of five against five on the global Internet battlefields / multiplayer battlefields
Operating System PC / Laptop: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
The size of the installation file (download) is 64.9 MB
Category Online Games / Windows 10 Games

Specifications to run VALORANT on a computer
Can I play VALORANT on my computer? (System requirements)
5vs5 is optimized to run on a variety of computers, allowing a global audience to compete.

Minimum specification - 30fps:

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400
Graphics Processor: Intel HD 3000

Recommended specs - 60fps:

CPU: Intel i3-4150
Graphics Processor: Geforce GT 730

High-end specs - 144+ fps:

CPU: Intel Core i5-4460 3.2GHz
Graphics Processor: GTX 1050 Ti

Computer hardware requirements

Windows 7/8/10 64 bit
1 GB of VRAM

Download the game VALORANT on the computer for free
Download with direct link from the game's official website

VALORANT Official Announcement Video