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The best apps to watch old, modern and rare cartoon series on Android 2020

The best apps to watch old, modern and rare cartoon series on Android 2020 

I think everyone loves to watch cartoons online. Right ? If your answer is yes! Falaqj just landed in the right place. Today I am going to list the best apps that will allow you to watch cartoons directly on your Android device.

There were days when we would sit in front of the TV for hours just to watch cartoons. However, now time has changed, and this is the internet age. People are starting to show interest in watching cartoons on the Internet. In fact, most children these days have access to smartphones. That is why I decided to put together a list of the best apps that can let you watch cartoons on any Android device. here we are!

We also have a Spacetoon Go app, this great app allows you to watch the animation works broadcast on the channel, anytime and anywhere, Spacetoon go provides an amazing experience for animators and cartoonists, giving access to a huge library of world animation works, All this using the original Arabic dubbing.

Arab Carton is a free application, through which you can watch cartoon and anime series in high quality and without any fees, and new series are added constantly and announced through the application alerts, the application is characterized by displaying the series in alphabetical order. And the arrangement of the episodes of the series in a coordinated and comfortable manner and it is completely free!

Awan application is one of the best Arabic applications that is completely free to watch many of the old and rare series and cartoon films that marked our childhood as series: Captain Majid, the masked tiger, Mrs. Spoon and many more available with high image quality in addition to the dramatic artworks and entertainment programs.

Cartoon Network App is one of the best and most popular apps for watching cartoon on the Internet. This app allows you to watch the latest full episodes on your Android device. You can watch your favorite videos and movies.

Watan Flex is the platform that brings together Arab viewers from all over the Arab world and expatriates around the world so that they can enjoy watching hundreds of exclusive Arab series and works on the Internet in full and with the highest accuracy, including cartoon series, especially the old series, with an interactive interface that attracts the user and makes him browse the site quite easily

It is quite a fun app for animation fans with huge collection of cartoon movies and videos. You can easily search for and watch your favorite cartoons online. One of the best feature of this app is providing original and classic presentations added every week. It also has an option to subscribe so that you can get the videos free from ads.

It is an official app for kids from YouTube that is simple and easy to use. It provides animation movies, videos, etc. for free. Kids can easily search for any of the cartoon movies and watch them online for free. It also provides you with paid services if you use this you can access some other good features for watching HD animation movies online.

Another good and free app to watch cartoon videos online. It allows you to search your favorite videos and animations and easily watch them online. It provides high quality video so that you can get clear video according to your device. All famous cartoon characters and their videos are sorted with which they can be familiar all over the world.

This app introduces the biggest anime lineup, new shows, just one hour after it's broadcast in Japan, and it's very neat. Because of that, most of its English language content is only translated. Translation is given by some distributors. You can watch for free with ads, or for a subscription,

This was a list of the best apps to watch cartoons and movies, if you like it, please share it with your friends and followers