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Download Mortal Kombat the Mortal Kombat game for the computer with a direct link

 Download Mortal Kombat the Mortal Kombat game for the computer with a direct link

Download Mortal Kombat Outworld Assassins .. Swords, skills and techniques are essential basics to win the fight, and you will also need various combat skills from ground and aerial methods, with quick wit and the right moment you can win the battles within the Mortal Kombat game. We are now at the beginning Fighting, at the beginning of the saga, retreat is not allowed, surrender or complacency means your end, you will fight ruthlessly, multiple fights without pause or rest until the best remains.

Download Mortal Kombat Outworld Assassins

Mortal Kombat Outworld Assassins is one of the best known and famous fighting games and it has made its own movie for that game, because of the splendor of this game, its fighting style is wonderful, there are also great lighting effects, multiple skills, techniques and secrets for each character that you can play with, you must discover each character and its skills And its secrets and choose the best character for you to face the enemies, in the battlefield all skills and techniques are allowed, so do not tolerate or give up.

Description of Mortal Kombat Outworld Assassins

Mortal Kombat Outworld Assassins game is one of the well-known action games in the beauty of devices such as Sega and Atari, now the Mortal Kombat Outworld Assassins game is on the PC, you start with knowing the story of each person starting with the main character with which he fights the competitors, then after finishing the game story and knowing the story of each character You have learned the fighting styles and the characters' skills and their technique, you can also fight your friends in regular one-on-one confrontations, you can also face triple confrontations where you start by choosing three characters to fight with them, and your competitor chooses three characters and the fighting begins, you start with a character and you can switch between the three characters during the fight, When you defeat a character you take down the next.

It is worth noting that the Mortal Kombat game contains a lot of powerful missions and fights that you will enter and this is because the game contains a beautiful story, you will find a very strong invasion on Earth so you will collect your team and start killing enemies, so Mortal Kombat game Mortal Kombat is very interesting, especially the videos and cinema in the game, which contains many important talks that will explain the events of the story, and you can play with heroes and enemies as well, but only in Arced Mode.

Mortal Kombat action game details
I started the Mortal Kombat Outworld Assassins game in Sega and was very popular, then after that when the Atari came a special part of the game was made for the Atari, and then with the introduction of the computer and Playstation 1 part of the game was made for both of them so that its success was wonderful and very strong Then the Playstation 2, 3, 4 and the phone, and the game was making several versions of the game and each version completes the one before it from a story, as it has more skills, better and cooler, and each part is characterized by its own graphics that distinguish it from the one before it.

Control for Mortal Kombat Outworld Assassins

The control system in the Mortal Kombat game is very wonderful and flexible and will make it easier for you to play greatly, as there are more than one game system in the game, so you can play individually, that is, with one or three players together at the same time and you alternate between them, as for the control system, the game depends on the normal control Special control arms such as the X, the circle, the square and the triangle and this is in order to hit and with every night and button you will do it will make a distinctive move, so the Mortal Kombat control system is very easy and will make it easier for you to control the character greatly, especially since there is an enormous amount of combat movements for each character .

How to install Mortal Kombat Outworld Assassins

Mortal Kombat is one of the great old action games that were released for the computer, this game is considered action and fighting in the arena with the addition of many special abilities, we will show you in this room how to install the game on your computer: -

You will be directed to the direct link at the bottom of the article.
Then you will download the game.
It will open the Setup file.
You will determine the location to install the game on the phones.
After that you will open the game on your computer.
You will start choosing your character and the battlefield will start fighting the computer.
Mortal Kombat Outworld Assassins features
The game is free.
Easy to control and simple to use skills and techniques.
The game is light, small, and simple to download and play.
The game has many characters, divided into good and bad.
Each character has several special skills and techniques that you must learn.
The game can be played by doubles, not just singles.
The game has many characters and playgrounds.
The game has many parts.

As for the technical side in the game, we find that the game uses a very good version of the Unreal Engine3 development engine and is one of the systems that has many advantages, as well as it was intended for previous generations, but on the other hand, the graphics in that game are very uneven, there are a lot of The defects inside the characters and the angle of lighting in them, and the lights are strange lights in them, as for the stages, although they are few, they are very beautiful, very interactive, but they lack the creativity that attracts the players, but they recorded a great interaction rate.

In addition to that, the wide crew of characters that are present in the game gives a terrible impression in the impression of characters and clarifying many patterns, there is the fast mode such as Liu King and King Law, which are distinguished by special talents and abilities that enable you to reach your goal as soon as possible, and there are a lot of Special destructive weapons that give you a lot of fun, fantasy and awesome.

This is all in addition to the wonderful story in the game, unlike the games that belong to this style, as this game depends on the wonderful Mortal Kombat story, this story that talks about evil and the ancient war between the various tribes and upon the union a new very strong enemy appeared, this enemy who will Where the heroes unite to fight him, it will be difficult, today we will watch this story, but in the form of various fights, these fights that will make the game exciting and exciting.

Download the action game Mortal Kombat
The game is free with a simple space of not more than 100 MB, this part requires the windows operating system, this system does not work on the computer, this version of the game is for the computer.

There is no one who does not know Mortal Kombat, we have provided you with the full explanation of the game in this topic, and we also ask you to support by spreading this topic in the widest possible range.