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Download the game Clear It 6 for the computer direct link and in a small size for free

Download the game Clear It 6 for

 the computer 

direct link and in a small size for fre

Download Clear It 6, the excitement is renewed again with one of the most beautiful puzzle games throughout the entire modern era, and this time with the sixth version, which in turn confirms the overwhelming success that this series has achieved over the past years, so it was natural for the company to continue producing More new parts released over the years.


Certainly, the game Clear It 6 does not differ in content or the main idea from the rest of the past parts, as the producer company was keen in every new version that is released to preserve the identity of this series of puzzle games, but at the same time many details have been developed within Copying all Perhaps the most prominent thing that happened was the addition of new stages and other difficult puzzles without there being any kind of repetition.

Download the game Clear It 6

The matter has not changed much with regard to the requirements for running all the games in this series, as the player only needs to save space on the hard drive of only 117 MB, which is the size of this sixth version, meaning that it is very similar with all previous versions, which were also characterized by a small size, which is one of the most important The things that attract the passion between games in general, regardless of their type or even the size of the fun they provide.


The player finds himself called upon again in the sixth part of the Clear It 6 game download to destroy all stones and gems that are similar to each other at the level of color, but with the possibility of using new properties this time such as the Thunderbolt feature that can destroy many stones at the same time with one stroke even And if these stones are far from each other, and what remains certain is that feeling boredom is impossible to affect any player during the game, even if he continues to sit in front of them for several hours in a row throughout every day.

Features of the game Clear it 6

Help develop children's mental skills.
Very fast and does not cause any technical malfunctions due to its compact size.
License Freeware.
Completely virus free.