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A three-dimensional game that brings together the most beautiful adventures of the "Mario" character.

 A three-dimensional game that brings together the most beautiful adventures of the "Mario" character.

 of the "Mario" character.

Nintendo has launched the Super Mario 3D All-Stars game on the Switch to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the launch of the first edition in the popular family games series. The game introduces the first 3 games in the series, which are "Super Mario 64", Super Mario 64 (launched in 1997 on the "Nintendo 64") and "Super Mario Sunshine" (launched in 2002 on the "GameCube" device. ”) And“ Super Mario Galaxy ”(launched in 2007 on the“ Wii ”device).
The company aims to present these historical games to a new generation of gamers, and to bring back memories of veteran players on high-resolution screens, as these games' devices did not support the HDMI port present in the current screens, and did not provide high resolution like modern games.

A tour through the history of the series

"Super Mario 64" is the oldest in the group and the first to take the character into a fully three-dimensional, three-dimensional world through 15 complete stages and a set of hidden mini-stages.
And the game «Mario» between hills, snowy mountains, desert, fires, caves, and others. And the player must collect hidden stars in the stages to open the castle doors and find the kidnapped princess.
As for the game "Super Mario Sunshine", it takes the player to the tropical island of Isle Delfino on a vacation for "Mario" and friends, where they find that the island is full of strange creatures and colors ... and another "Mario" character! The player uses a special device that he wears on his back that allows him to pump water towards enemies and platforms, clean the island from the strange colors that were scattered in it, press the remote buttons, fly in the air and interact with the environment around him, among other things. The player must complete 7 extended stages and many hidden challenges. The player will move on this island through the coastal city, the harbor, the hills surrounding the island, the ocean, and others, and he will interact with the residents and meet their needs to progress and find out who is the second strange "Mario" character who sabotages the island's colors for an unknown reason.

The game "Super Mario Galaxy" is the first game for the character on the "Wii" device, and it transports players across many planets full of innovative ideas. It is one of the best three-dimensional versions in the series so far in terms of fun playing, graphics and creativity in designing stages. And since the original game is programmed to use the Wii controller called "Die", players can use the advanced technologies in the "Switch" control device in the latest version, but the way to interact with some elements of the stages may be strange when the controller is connected. With the device and using it as a mobile gaming device instead of connecting it to the screen, where the device as a whole must be moved with the screen as a steering wheel at some point, which makes focusing on the screen not easy. It should be noted that the control tool can be used and the screen cursor pointed at any element by simply moving the tool in the air as needed, or touching the elements on the screen when using the mobile game mode.

Technical advantages

With regard to the mechanism for transferring games from old devices to the “Switch” device, Nintendo resorted to simulating old emulation devices and using the same old game files, while developing them slightly, especially some graphics in the game “Super Mario 64”, in addition to replacing the icons of the control buttons. Old devices have those of a "switch" when displayed on the screen.
It should be noted that the company decided to replace the So Long ferry. King Bowser audio is said by "Mario" when the villain "Bowser" was defeated in the old version in the game "Super Mario 64" with different ones, because the company resorted to compressing the audio recording in the old version to provide the limited storage capacity at that time, which resulted in the decrease in the quality of the recording. And the loss of clarity of some letters, which caused players to imagine hearing phrases bearing a meaning related to homosexuality, which is unacceptable in a family game that targets children.
Super Mario 64 displays the image at 720 resolution, while the remaining two games display the image in 1080 resolution and in Widescreen 16: 9, in addition to adding some special visual effects on the games to look clearer and higher in resolution and increase the graphics display speed Frames per Second. The game also offers the ability to listen to various music for each game in the group (totaling 175 tracks) through a special music player from the group's home screen.
It should be noted that "Nintendo" launched the game in a limited edition until March 2021, and copies will stop being sold in regular stores and its digital store after this date. Super Mario 3D World will also be launched on the Switch on February 12, 2021, and it was previously launched on the Wii U, with some modifications and additions being introduced.

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