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The best children's games according to psychologists

The best 7 children's games according to psychologists

Play is the most important method of entertainment for children. Also, playing is very important for developing the different skills of children. Therefore it is important to choose children's toys that suit their needs, tastes and ages. According to psychologists, there are children's games that encourage and reinforce various aspects of a child's personality, thinking and behavior. Therefore it is very important to choose children's toys carefully at this age. Below you will find a ranking of the best games that enhance your child's various skills available on our site.

The best 7 children's games according to psychologists

1 | Developing sensory skills
When a child catches his soft toys, like stuffed animals. Or when playing with games that produce sounds and lights, such as car games, this stimulates its different senses and effectively strengthens them to ensure their proper growth.

2 | Promote thinking
If your child loves intelligence, educational games and loves puzzles and legos, this will motivate him to think, fly logical skills, and critical thinking.

3 | Improve social skills
When a child plays with other children and uses children's group games, they will have to communicate, participate, and negotiate. These social skills will not develop better in childhood, except in the atmosphere of play and entertainment.

4 | Enhancing independence
Children's games are considered one of the most important means to support and develop the independence of children of all ages. Where the child relies heavily on himself during play, and coaches the skill of problem solving, which helps to develop his character positively through play

5 | Improve mental health
If you are interested in improving the mental health of your children, and you want to support them and protect them from stress and depression of children, all you need is to provide useful and fun children's games that support different aspects of development and fill your children's time with useful activities

How do I choose suitable children's games?
- Choose useful toys appropriate for the age of your child, to ensure that they are suitable and safe for your child.

- Make sure to buy new toys for your child several times during the year, and this is much better than buying a large amount of toys once and fill them together and re-buy a large number again.

- Choose a game appropriate for his interests, if your child loves music, offer him musical toys or games that make beautiful sounds. If he loves cars, offer him car games.

- Choose toys from international brands that are known for making high quality toys for children.

Don't stress yourself searching the game and malls. Shop from well known kids sites like Mumzworld, to get the largest selection of new games at the best prices.

Kids games encourage learning

At this point in the child’s life, he is passionate about learning. At this age, the child begins to learn the problem-solving skill. Therefore, make sure to give your child games such as puzzle and puzzle games, which have a great role in enhancing focus in children. In addition, it strengthens bonding skills, and trains the child in patience to complete his tasks. It is an essential skill that will benefit him greatly in his different school stages. Lego games also stimulate the child to learn in a fun and enjoyable way. In addition to its proven benefits, it enhances children's skills in mathematics, and stimulates innovation and creativity. To encourage your child to love learning fun and stress-free, offer him one of the games recommended by child psychologists, available on our website.

Skull symmetrical geometric figures game
Geomag assembly of panels

Geomag assembly of panels

Orchard and Snake Snake game

Orchard and Snake Snake game
Motivate your kids to learn with this useful home activity

Relaxation and self-calm are among the most important skills that children must master at an early age. Encourage your child to find ways to enjoy relaxation and calm after stress in playing or when there is a problem that cannot be solved, this will encourage him to grow so that he becomes a strong and independent person able to deal with problems calmly.

Enhancing sensory skills in children is extremely important and has a major role in reducing stress in them. Give your child a spinner that helps relieve stress. To enhance sensory and fun skills, offer your child water-soluble shower balls to make bath time fun and useful.

Electronic Star Laboratory by Uncle Milton

Electronic Star Laboratory by Uncle Milton
Miniature effervescent bathroom balls

Miniature effervescent bathroom balls

Kids games stimulate creativity

There are an endless number of children's games that stimulate creativity. Child psychologists stress the need to set aside open time in order for children to be creative and play without controls, as they can create many neighborhoods. This will greatly enhance the independence and creativity of children.

Offer your children a wide variety of art and crafts tools so they can color, cut, and plaster and create things that make them happy. Psychologists note that building and installation games play a major role in stimulating children's imagination and encouraging them to be creative. You can also offer beautiful cooking games for your children to watch them create and have fun.

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Outdoor Sand Playground with Kidcraft Umbrella

Outdoor Sand Playground with Kidcraft Umbrella

Belsan Creative Artboard Stand

Belsan Creative Artboard Stand
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