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Download Youtubers Life game for pc for free

Download Youtubers Life game for pc for free

It is a Youtubers Life video game that uses simulation system, as its goal is to become the best video content blogger in the world.

Download Youtubers Life game for pc for free

Well, not exactly that. You can find some interesting people on Google Video Streaming that share their creativity and ideas
For entertainment, education and / or simply laugh. If you are interested in this world and want to be a part of it, but you dare not take the first step,
Youtubers Life may be able to help you.

It is a video game that combines types of management and life simulation. You may have already heard about it thanks to its iPhone version
And iPad (this download from Steam is the closest you will get from Android APK).

download from Steam is the closest you will get from Android

Life of Youtubeers is a life simulation game with business simulation elements, effects from video games Game Dev Tycoon and The Sims, the player has to manage a character trying to build a career as a character on YouTube, in addition to managing creating videos for their channel, the player must also manage education and social life For the character, as the character develops, the player must also manage the character's employees and the growing content network. Opportunities to create videos for friends, create videos through ad agreements, revenue generated from each character’s video ads, buy upgrades to their equipment and housing, and access resources to improve their character’s skills

- In this game there are many advantages.
It is the first to start opening a new YouTube channel and a weak computer
Then you start buying games and making videos and publishing them to get money and subscribers for your channel
  And develop your computer and channel
Over time, companies start making new devices, and you can buy them like "PlayStation - Xbox - and many more devices".
You can also shoot a video with a famous Youtube and attend parties with your friends
And there are many features that you can discover on your own