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Download For Honor game free 2020 for computer with a direct link from Mediafire

Download For Honor game free 2020 for computer with a direct link from Mediafire 

For Honor game: Children love action games, adventure and video games that rely heavily on fighting, and fictional characters that focus on fighting from cutting and slaughtering between enemies close to each other directly, such as Ninja Gaiden games, Devil May Cry series and other action games Adventures and today through this article we bring to you a distinctive game of slaughter and cutting game adventure and action game which is a game of Honor For For.

Download For Honor game free 2020 for computer with a direct link from Mediafire

We will learn about downloading the Four Honor game, and how to download and play it on your device.

A brief introduction to the game For Honor

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1 Introduction to the game For Honor
1.1 Features of the game For Honor
1.2 How to play in For Honor game
1.3 For Honor game modes
1.4 Download For Honor
1.4.1 Download the full torrent medal of honor game for Media from Media Fire

For Honor game is an electronic video game, adventure and action game and a game of slaughter and cutting type, where you return to the Middle Ages with fighting and old soldiers, and fight enemies through your selection of different and varied characters.

Produced by Ubisoft Montreal studio in Canada, the game's heroes in the battlefield are veterans who face regular forces in the Middle Ages.

For Honor game has spread and became famous and has increased its popularity in the Middle East, where translation of dialogs into Arabic is available for the Middle East version.

The game contains types of warriors from the Middle Ages (Samurai - Vikings - Persia).

The game contains many basic quests related to the true story, and also contains some sub-quests through which you will get many rewards.

The game contains many basic

For Honor game features

  • The game provides a platoon of warriors within the walls of ancient China, where four of these warriors travel to the West seeking revenge for war, betrayal, and personal tragedies, fighting to claim their legal standing in the next family.
  • The game provides many different deadly weapons and each weapon has its strength and use like bow, arrow, ax, sword and other various weapons.
  • For Honor provides another team of warriors who are fierce warrior monks known for the monkey-style sports fighting style, and they show their prowess with the staff, as they hold their written prayers near them at all times.
  • Free graphic enhancements have been provided for For Honor with updated and exciting materials, as well as enhanced global lighting with new 3D cloud and sky technology.
  • It also includes enhancements through an updated user interface that allows players to enter matches faster.
  • For Honor is a multi-platform game where the game was released for computers, as well as for Xbox One and PS4.

How to play in For Honor game

After downloading the For Honor game, start the game.
Then start choosing the character that represents you from among 12 types of fighters, and you must train this character and collect information.
Choose the mode you want where you can play and fight with one person against you, 2 player against 2 others, or 4 player against 4 others.
Your victory in the game of Honor depends on your mastery that you and your friend the player you play with depend on the type of characters you choose.
These characters give you a sense of real duels, then customize your weapon as each character uses a specific weapon that you use to fight against you without control, and also for each character that has its own movements.
Start fighting until you reach the professional level and win the rounds and get the loot and prizes.

For Honor game modes

For Honor contains three main factions to choose from, and each faction contains four categories, and two more classes are added at the beginning of each season of the faction war.

These are:

(The Cavalry, the Cavalry, the Vikings, and the Japanese Samurai).

For Honor game is considered one of the historical games as it simulates reality in all its details, and it contains many modes, where it is entered at certain times and each mode provides certain prizes that can be obtained at the end of each task contained in this situation. Examples of these modes include the following: :

Arcade mode
Arcade mode can be a single mode or a new cooperative mode where players fight battles and then earn rewards that go to all multiplayer modes.

Through this arcade mode you will discover new heroes and their level is raised before they are transferred to a player against a player, by offering the possibility of infinite replay, and through the quick launch mode a new battle is presented each time with different goals, enemies and rates.

Dominion Team Mode
Dominion is a multiplayer mode with four players against an enemy team of four other players, and in this mode players need to capture and retain different areas around the battlefield.

Victory is determined once one of the two teams has earned enough points, then the other team's players will need to be eliminated.

This team-based strategic multiplayer mode brings a layer of adrenaline melt depth to three new maps.

Skirmish fencing mode
Skirmish is in this mode by one match versus one game, the match ends when the time limit expires and the winner is the one who eliminates the other player.

Exclusion mode
The elimination mode is the ultimate mode in eliminating enemy players, of course the team that still has players will win the game.

Download For Honor game
Download For Honor game is one of the most important and best action and fighting games that were released for the computer and many platforms, and you must download it because it is an interesting and exciting saliva that embodies wars in the Middle Ages with all its details, and the steps for downloading it to a computer are as follows:

Open the Google Chrome search engine.
Type the name of the game in the Google search bar “For Honor Game”.
A set of game download sites appears.
Choose a site to download the game with a direct link from Mediafire.
Or through direct download links from Mediafire from the torrent below the article.

Finally, after getting acquainted with the game, enjoy the game For Honor by downloading it on your device to spend time with your friends on the wonderful battlefield to hone your skills in fighting adventures.