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Download Red Alert 2 Red Alert 2 game for the computer with a direct link, Media Fire

Download Red Alert 2 Red Alert 2 game for the computer with a direct link, Media Fire

Download Red Alert 2 Red Alert 2 game for the computer with a direct link, Media Fire

We have talked before about computer games, these various games that have many wonderful stories that we live with playing the game, and we have also talked about strategic games, these games that have a different playing nature than other games, they combine action and fighting intelligence in developing appropriate plans in At the same time and most importantly, taking the right decision at the right time in order to be able to achieve the least losses that may happen to you or your army, so these games depend on more than one thought at the same time, in 1996 the first part of the Red Alert Red Games series was released. This series is the foundation of games The strategy on the computer for that day will provide you with an explanation of the second edition of the series, which is Red Alert 2, Red Alert 2.

Download Red Alert 2 Red Alert 2 game for computer

Red Alert 1 Red Alert 1, which is one of the best strategy games that was released for the computer in 1996, before the emergence of new technologies that are used in the computer industry These technologies are considered technical progress that has occurred, since they were able to manufacture a computer that can run New games full of movement, so after four years in the year 2000, Electronic Arts, this company famous for making computer games, this company that made the best games series that simulate the sport of soccer for the computer and it is a series of FIFA games, made a new version of the Red Alert games series but This is the An edition in which the graphics were developed very significantly and they also developed the armies inside the game to become much better, otherwise they made the maps very much better and thus the game became much more realistic and much better, they had to wait for the development of the computer so that they could issue this version of Red Alert 2 Red Alert 2.

Red Alert 2 Red Alert 2 game for the computer

In the first part of the series we were talking about World War II, but the matter was completely different, as the scientist Albert Einstein traveled through time in order to meet with leader Hitler before the Second World War, and then after a simple occurrence between the leader and the world Hitler became in the status of the two ends, So there will be no so-called Nazi Germany or the Nazi army, but the Soviet Union became the most powerful army in the world as they invaded and controlled half of the world like China, Europe and other different countries that are centers of power on the ground, in the second version of this series will We continue The story that began in the first release after the death of Hitler and the removal of the history of the Soviet Union, led by Commander of Stalin's invasion of Europe, but was defeated by coalition countries together so that it can stand in the face of the Soviet Union, this alliance was under the control of Alexander Romanov.

Description of Red Alert 2 Red Alert 2

Description of Red Alert 2 Red Alert 2

Red Alert 2 Red Alert 2 that was released at the end of 2000 in the month of 10 is one of the versions of the Red Alert games series This series is dedicated to strategy games, the game was released to work on the computer on the Windows operating system and it was also issued a copy to work on Playstation, the game supports two different playing systems where you can play with the individual system, this system in which you play against the computer or play the story of the game, and it also supports the doubles play system of this system in which you can fight your friends or people like you through the local network or a network Internet, EA has also done this Sadr has developed armies within the game, weapons, tanks, soldiers, nuclear weapons, and various projections for each army. They have also developed an in-game energy system that defines the limits of your army and your soldiers and which weapons are specific to you using them currently.

Red Alert 2 features

  • This version has many great new features that made the game so beautiful and far superior to the previous version, these features are: -

  • The game has a great and excellent graphic, through which you feel that the game is more mobile than the previous version.
  • Control of the game has become much better as they have added many buttons for control.
  • The armies inside the game have become more powerful and they have also used many new techniques through which you can equip your enemy like new weapons, new armament of the army and better armored vehicles.
  • The energy system within the game has become more sophisticated, which has made the game more realistic, because through the energy buildings that you build you can determine the limits of your army and your machines and the nuclear weapons that you can build.
  • In the game there are many maps in which you can start your combat, and each map has a special nature through the airspace and the number of armies in which you can fight.
  • The aircraft within the game were developed.

Explain how to install Red Alert 2 Red Alert 2 on a computer

We now offer you how to play Red Alert 2 Red Alert 2 on your computer and an explanation of the in-game game systems how each of them started: -

  1. Initially we will download the game through the direct link at the bottom of the article.
  2. After completing the download of the game, you will find it inside a zip file. You must perform the decompression by clicking on it with the right mouse button and choosing the Extract here command.
  3. After that you will find a file with the full game and the registration file that you will activate by pressing it twice with the left mouse button only.
  4. You can then open the game by opening the Start file inside the game with the EXE extension.
  5. Then you can go to Option, which is the settings menu through which you can change the controls, the buttons responsible for it, the game's graphics and sound settings.
  6. You can do after the game story through the Story command, then you decide which army you want to play in the game story.
  7. After completing the identification of the army that you want to play with, you will be presented with a story about this army and who is its enemy, then after that you will find yourself inside the map in order to start your first mission, but in the beginning you will be put a simple training.
  8. There are also two other systems to play besides the game story, which is to play a solo match against you only against the computer and you determine the level of the computer you want to compete with.
  9. There is a system of multiple or even this system in which you face people like you through the Internet or through the local network.
Explain how to install Red Alert 2 Red Alert 2 on a computer

Computer game requirements for Red Alert 2 Red Alert 2

The requirements for running the game are at a minimum: -
  • Processor: Intel Pentium III / AMD Athlon MP.
  • RAM: 256 MB.
  • Operating system: 2000 / XP.
  • Display Card: AMD Rage 256 Ultra 16MB or NVIDIA GeForce.
  • Hard Disk Free Space: 2 GB.
  • DirectX 8.0.
  • 64 MB graphics card space.
  • The requirements for playing the game at maximum: -
  • Processor: Pentium 4 or Athlon 1.6GHz Processor.
  • RAM: 512 MB.
  • Operating system: 2000 / XP.
  • Display Card: AMD Rage 512 Ultra 32MB or NVIDIA GeForce.
  • Hard Disk Free Space: 2 GB.
  • DirectX 9.0.
  • Screen card space 128 MB.

Download Red Alert 2 Red Alert 2 with a direct link to the computer, Media Fire
The game has only one direct download link, with a space of 350MB for the link