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Download Helicopter War game with direct link 2020 Download Air Strike 3D

Download Helicopter War game with direct link 2020 Download Air Strike 3D

Download Helicopter War game with direct link 2020 Download Air Strike 3D

License: Experimental
Version: 2020 AirStrike 3D war game
Date added: February 27, 2020
Language: Supports many languages
File size: 11.7 (MB)
Developer: Divo Games
Operating System: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows 7 / XP 64bit / Vista 64bit / Windows 7 
64bit / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64bit / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64bit

Today, from the Light Computer Games download section, the best game works on all weak and powerful computers directly and without any obstacles, whether they are in operation or in play. Eliminate enemies without problems, there are many old versions of the latest air strike 3D version, which embodies you all the things and the graphics of the game are very special, there are improvements and the story of the plane is very strong, it does not depend on facing the aircraft only in the air, but you will find many From tanks and launching bases The missiles that will block you at times, you must develop your plane and keep the missiles and strong missiles in order to be able to destroy them. The game AirStrike 3D Operation WAT has a large number of powerful and realistic fighting that need you to develop your plane in order to destroy the enemies so the army of enemies is strong Very, and every time you increase your level, the enemy's strength will increase and you must destroy it. You can download the game and try it on your computer from the link below it is one of the best helicopter war games, but if you know everything about the game and want to go to the download button you may This is by clicking here (Download AirStrike 3D Game for PC).

About the AirStrike 3D game 2020

AirStrike 2 helicopter war game, which is produced by the famous games company DivoGames, and the game works on all computer operating systems of all kinds without any problems, and it is one of the best known and known versions, and the AirStrike 3D game is the most advanced version that Everyone prefers it as everyone has heard about it or tried it at one time as it became at one of the greatest war games on the computer as its sound effects are very wonderful and distinctive and the sound of explosions and the sound of airplanes of all kinds are very wonderful and there is more From 100 levels of warfare battles Air saw and you must win them all in order to get victory and every time your strength increases and it is better and you can destroy enemies very strongly so there are life points for your plane and for the enemies, whether it is a plane or artillery in the ground as there is a number Special to your ammunition and must be preserved. When you download the AirStrike 3D war game for the computer from Mediafire, the plane will fly in the sky and begin to eliminate enemies directly, and all you can do is walk forward and destroy enemies only and move in Right and left only to be able to avoid the Khat that comes to you and hit the enemies again will face a lot of missiles that target you directly, you must bypass the largest number of missiles that come to you from the enemy as much as possible as there is a lot of aid to you by taking them from the air and beware not to lose them as you are You can develop your helicopter greatly, including laser weapons and shells, which directly hit the enemies below.

Features of Air Strike 3D Game for the computer

  • The game includes more than 10 of your planes that you can choose and unlock them as they become more advanced.
  • The change that is happening on the map where it is very cool and very distinctive.
  • There is a large assortment of designs for aircraft available on the same plane.
  • The game contains more than 100 levels that you must pass in order to deviate the game.
  • The game graphics are very cool for the game and the sound effects are very cool.
  • You can play the game directly on the computer if it is weak easily.
  • There is a strong leader at every end of the stage that you have to defeat, he is very strong.

AirStrike 3D war game requirements for PC

Minimum System requirements AirStrike 3D for PC

  • Processor: - Pentium II 333MHz
  • Ramat: 1 GB
  • Screen Card: - Works with all internal screen cards.
  • Operating system: - Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
  • Free space in the hard disk: - 250MB
Download Helicopter Warfare game for computer for free. Download AirStrike 3D Game Free