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Download Angry Birds 2 Angry Birds game for computer and mobile phones

Download Angry Birds 2 Angry Birds game for computer and mobile phones

Download angry bird 2 game full for platforms (windows, computer, laptop, android, iphone) original bird 2 new version

Download Angry Birds 2 Angry Birds game for computer and mobile phones

Welcome my dear visitors and followers of our site. We offer you Angry Birds game with a review of the game features and download them on the Windows platforms (computers, laptops), Android and iOS devices

Angry Birds is one of the most famous international games developed by Rovio Entertainment and designed by Jaakko Iisalo was the first version of the game in 2009 and has achieved unparalleled success

The story of the game
Take the Angry Birds with No Flying and Green Beige planned flesh to the next level in The Angry Birds Movie 2! When a new threat emerges that jeopardizes both Bird and Pig Island, Reid teamed up with Chuck and Bomb with Leonard and his pigs to form an unexpectedly large team to save their homes.

To get to know the game in depth, we recommend that you watch the wonderful cartoon movie, The Angry Birds Movie

The Angry Birds Movie
The game's characters and story are so cool, that there is even a cartoon movie

The Angry Birds Movie 2016 MDb rating (6.3 ★)
2019 The Angry Birds Movie 2 MDb Rating (6.4 ★)
The idea of ​​a simple angry bird game is to use a slingshot to destroy the fortified castles where pigs live. It may seem easy, but there are many factors that you must put in your account such as the strike force, type of bird, size, and above all the laws of physics.

This edition combines all seasons and releases of Angry Birds as releases. (There’s Angry Birds Halloween, Mooncake Festival, St. Patrick’s Day, Angry Birds Christmas) and more ..

The game has high quality graphics and bright colorful colors, as it is characterized by the multiplicity of birds in the game and the diversity of tasks for each bird

Remember that the strategy of the game is to beat the forts and castles and demolish the fortifications created by the pigs to collect points

A version for computers (computers and laptops) is available Windows operating environment without emulator.

Video of the official announcement of the game Angry Birds 2

Advantages of Angry Bird 2

  • HD graphic quality
  • Wonderful cartoon, especially with the distinctive illustrations of famous angry birds
  • Join hundreds of players from all over the world in a fantastic challenge
  • Compete in new contests
  • Learn to fly and aim
  • Play without the net, you can play without the need for internet in Offline mode
  • Does not need high operating specifications (suitable for weak devices)
  • Family, great for the whole family (old and young)
  • New birds, the new version includes a group of new birds
  • Supports all major operating systems
Publisher / developer Rovio Angry Birds
License is free (in-game purchases available)
The playing system is a single player without Net of Line / Single Player
Age classification suitable for those aged 3+ years or older (family)
Genre Angry Birds Games / Shooting / No Net / Sniping / Strategy / Adventure / Kids Games
Computer / Laptop operating system: Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10 (x64, x86)
Android: Android 4.1 or later…
Apple devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch - or above IOS 9.0
Size Windows version: 184 MB
Android version: 65 MB
IOS: 778 MB
Category Games / light games / adventures / games for children