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9 fun family movies to watch with your kids this year

9 fun family movies to watch with your kids this year

Passion for cinema is no longer restricted to adults only, but there is a young audience waiting for the hottest movies that suit him to watch them on the big screen and enjoy them in light of the modern dazzling elements if possible. This has made filmmakers free of room for films that can be classified as family films, confident that they can reap the revenue just like any other.

So whether you are parents looking for movies to watch with their kids as a fun family activity, or if you yourself love movies animated and adventurous, here is our list of nine films to watch.

1- «The Call of the Wild» .. the journey of searching for gold

If you are a fan of family movies that bring people together with animals or are based on classic novels, we recommend watching "The Call of the Wild."

The work is starring Harrison Ford, and it is reported that it is not the first cinematic version of the novel, as it was previously presented in 1935, which means that some people may make a comparison between the two films.

The story is about a dog living a luxury life in California, but his life suddenly changes when he is stolen and sold to some Alaskan freight drivers. The dog would begin to experience the cruel face of living in the midst of suffering from mistreatment at the hands of those around him, before he crossed his path with John Thornton who saved him from what he was in; and then they waged together a wealthy adventure in the prairies in search of wealth and gold.

2- “Onward” .. there is still magic in the world

The "family" is one of the themes that never depletes and the wager on it fails. Perhaps that is why Pixar loves her and seeks to present it from time to time. The last of these was the year when her new movie, "Onward," was released, an animated cartoon presented in a fantasy frame combining adventure and comedy.

Its events take place in a fictional world that resembles our present world in terms of technology and speed, yet its inhabitants are all whimsical beings of elves, dwarves, dragons, and others. The plot revolves around two brothers who accidentally discover a magic spell that will bring their father back to life for 24 hours. All they have to do is find the remnants of magic in the world to achieve this.

This forces them to embark on a risky and unpredictable adventure that allows them to get to know each other and explore each other's strengths, before they end up with an unthinkable discovery.

It is noteworthy that the movie will start its screening already on March 6 and generate tangible revenues, and Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Qatar have banned its screening because of a statement by one of the sub-personalities in a sentence that expresses its homosexual tendencies, while Russia chose to continue the film with the omission of the mentioned sentence.

3- “Mulan” .. Empowering women in a new dress

The artistic follower is well aware that the new "Life-Action" version of the famous classic "Disney" masterpiece "Mulan" is one of the most awaited films for this year, especially since the producing company has allocated a budget of $ 200 million to work, which augurs an artistic experience with modern technologies and on The highest level.

And if the new version will not coincide with the events that we previously witnessed in 1998; rather, it will be presented through a contemporary treatment that intends to combine the well-known story with the original Chinese legend, which increased the enthusiasm of the public and raised their expectations for waiting for surprises, although at the same time it caused grief for some As a result of the absence of characters loved by the audience.

It is noteworthy that the film is scheduled to start showing globally on March 27, with the exception of China, where the film was postponed due to the closure of cinemas and theaters after the outbreak of the Corona virus, which disturbed the producers, because the work was expected to occupy the first place in the box office in China .

4- «Soul» .. Where does the passion and dreams come from?

After winning an Academy Award for "Inside Out" and "Up", director Pete Docter returns with a new movie that is betting on touching hearts and arousing curiosity among the public, and his works are used to leaving an impact on viewers, making them question themselves and themselves, so they can get an answer.

"Soul" is another movie, "Pixar" and "Disney", which is supposed to be released next June. It revolves between two worlds, one realistic in New York and the other being Connie Fantasy. He tells the story of a middle school music teacher who has a great passion for music and dreams of playing in the legendary jazz club.

Finally, when he has the opportunity to experience an accident that causes his soul to be separated from his body, then his soul is sent to another world where souls strive to develop their emotions and re-explore the important priorities of life before they are resurrected with the body of a baby.

5- «Artemis Fowl» .. When does the end justify the means?

Another movie, which will be released in June, is titled "Artemis Fowl." It belongs to the fantasy and adventure category that takes place in a family teaser. Its events are inspired by the first part of a series of books of the same name written by Yoon Culver.

The film tells of a 12-year-old genius boy who kidnaps a character in exchange for a ransom of gold, which he needs to recover the wealth of his family, before he has to unite with everyone in order to retrieve his father who was captured in the Russian mafia.

Although the act introduces the hero initially as an evil person and an enemy of the fairies, with the passage of events it changes into an 'anti-hero', that is, a hero who is contrary to custom with unconventional and far from ideal characteristics.

6- «Jungle Cruise» .. a journey towards the unknown

Our date next July is with the adventure and comedy film by Disney, "Jungle Cruise", whose events were quoted from an entertainment game launched in "Disneyland" in 1955, as the story revolves around a group of travelers, Captain Frank, his scientist and her brother, who board a boat. Young takes them on a journey to reach the tree of life believed to have major healing powers.

However, in order to reach them, they have to pass through a forest crowded with dangerous animals and reptiles, forcing them to engage in an exciting and exciting adventure. The movie stars Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt, and although it was scheduled to be released in October 2019, it was postponed for the current year.

7- “The One and Only Ivan” .. Freedom is a price

"The One and Only Ivan" is an animated film that will be released next August. It is based on a novel of the same name that won many awards and was nominated for reading by many. The film's audio performance was based on well-known names including Angelina Jolie, Sam Rockwell, Brian Cranston and Helen Mirren.

The story of the work is suitable for animal and adventure lovers. It revolves around Ivan Gorilla, who lives in a large shopping mall, where he watches TV, eats bananas, makes some artwork that is sold and for which the owner makes a lot of money. Besides Evan, some other animals live, including Stella, who is an old elephant and suffers from a chronic injury.

Although Evan is satisfied with his life, Stella remembers living in other, more spacious places, making her wish to live in a zoo. After a while, a baby elephant is brought to the place, which changes things and turns them upside down, as Stella appeals to Evan to look after this baby and find a better place for him if something bad happens to her, and the events continue.

8- "The Croods2" .. a new competition that ignites "Christmas"

After the great success achieved by the movie "The Croods" in 2013, on the one hand, its revenues exceeded $ 587 million, and on the other it was nominated for the Oscars, the British Bafta and the Golden Globe;

To perform the vocal on this part was assigned to some of the old crew, including Nicholas Cage, Emma Stone and Ryan Reynolds. As for the story, it was voiced by the Cruds family, who managed to escape a natural disaster achieved through an exciting adventure we witnessed in the first part. Now they have succeeded again, but in a human challenge this time, as the “Petermans” family competed for the title of best and most developed family.

9- “Tom and Jerry” .. a bet on “nostalgia”

In a pleasant surprise, not only for the young, but also for the elderly, we will witness at the end of the year an animated movie called "Tom and Jerry", and it is expected that he will enjoy a wide audience with a great audience for the tales of "Tom and Jerry" from the memory of the old and new generations alike.

The storyline of the film will show the same cartoon characters that we were brought up with, as long as we watched it during the series of short films presented by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera in the 1940s and 1950s. The events revolve around the beginnings through which we will discover how Tom and Jerry met for the first time and what sparked the competition and the perpetual war between them.