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6 famous cartoon films originating novels

6 famous cartoon films originating novels

famous cartoon films originating novels

Most children prefer to follow cartoon stories or so-called "cartoons," which carry stories taken from novels and stories, a method used by some entertainment media companies such as "Walt Disney" American.

Many parents tend to push their children to love reading, reading stories and novels, but some find in fictional cartoon stories a more enjoyable style for the child.

In the following report, we review the most prominent animated films that were produced from foreign fictional stories, some of which were translated or dubbed into Arabic.


It is a cartoon movie, based on a novel written by Carlo Collodi in 1883, written under the title “The Adventures of Pinocchio”.

The Pinocchio cartoon character first appeared in an Italian children's magazine, as the novel was intended for children to give them a lesson in the consequence of who is lying.

The first production of the novel was produced but it was not completed, and it was considered an incomplete film that did not come to light, then Disney produced a film that received much acclaim for its quality at the time in 1940, and it was considered the first cartoony movie based on the collodi novel to be shown.

In 1965, the movie "Pinocchio" was produced with a tweak to the novel, with the addition of a friend of "Bunyukyu".

The novel is summarized around the wooden doll “Pinocchio,” the owner of a long nose that grows taller whenever he lies.

"Pinocchio" was criticized in the first release of the film, but whatever it is, it is considered one of the most famous films in Disney history.



Sally's story is traced to a children's novel under the name "A little princess" by French writer Frances Hudson Burnet, which was published as a book under the name "Sarah Crow" in 1905, after the story was published through a theatrical performance, to then ask its publisher to make it a novel with the inclusion of all What was deleted on the stage.

This novel talks about the ten-year-old girl Sally, who lives in India with her British parents, turns her life into a tragedy after her mother’s death due to a serious illness, then she is forced to move to live with her father in London, and Sally attends a school for girls, and her father who returned To India to complete his work with his friend, a diamond mine owner.

Sally receives attention from the principal of the school because she knows about the wealth of her father who works in the diamond trade, but that interest soon disappeared after the death of her father who fell ill due to an infection he picked up from his friend, as the school principal uses Sally in reprisals.

Cinderella - 


The fairy tale of Cinderella is very old, as the story dates back to the year 560 BC, and the latest version of it, which we know today from the author Charles Perot, was published, which is the version that Disney turned into an animation, so that the events of that story be developed and updated to the way we know it. Today.

In the story, Cinderella lives with her parents until her mother dies, and her father marries a woman who has two daughters, where that woman treats Cinderella well until her father dies, and begins to use her by treating her as a servant and hardening her.

“I am not afraid of anyone because I will marry a handsome prince, and he will make you regret the way you treat me.” - Cinderella to her stepmother as stated in the novel.

The story of Cinderella begins when her stepmother forbids her from attending the prince's dance, in which he will choose one girl to marry him after an invitation to all the girls of the city, then she gets unexpected help from some of the beloved mice, a fairy fairy who gives her clothes, and a cart pulled by horses in order to reach her goal She participated with the prince in his party.

While she is walking fast, she loses her shoe, then the prince searches for the lucky shoe owner to marry her, then finds her in the house of her father's cruel wife, and Cinderella is finally married.

The story aims to give a lesson in hope no matter how arduous the circumstances in order to reach the goal in the end to live a better life after patience.

The production of "Cinderella" began in 1948, until it was completed in 1950, when Disney spent nearly 3 million dollars on production, as he considers that the remarkable success achieved by the movie "Cinderella" is what made Disney remain, otherwise it may have been Debt inundated and closed it.

Disney made adjustments to the previously created animation, and when the film premiered on February 15, 1950, it achieved huge turnout at the box office, making Disney safe after Cinderella's success.

Treasure Island
Treasure Island

The novel "Treasure Island" was published in English in a book in 1883, after it was published in the children's magazine "Young Folks", and this novel is intended for adults.

The Japanese anime series story was produced from a novel of the same name as the Scottish writer Robert Lewis Stephenson, issued in 1978, and the series includes 26 episodes, each of which is 24 minutes long.

The story in the eighteenth century revolves around the 13-year-old “Jim Hawkins”, where he and his mother have run an Admiral Benbow hotel since the death of Jim’s father in a shipwreck, and events start when the drunk sailor decides to stay in the hotel, and terrible events happen Until the death of the sailor.

In the early 1980s, the series was produced by Tokyo Movie Shinsha, and its episodes were dubbed into Arabic.

Remy Paths

Remy Paths

The name “Path Remi” is the Arabic translation of the Japanese anime series “家 な き 子 レ ミ”, which includes 23 episodes, each of which is 24 minutes long, and was first released on August 1, 1996.

The heroine of the anime movie is the girl "Remy", who has a good heart, lives with her mother in a French rural town, and one day her father returned from the city after a business trip to tell her that she is not their real daughter and expel her, after she was a young girl and her stepfather sold her to him for the money when she was Baby girl.

One day, Vitals helps her, then he discovers her lyrical talent and decides to include her in his lyrical band, to begin the journey of searching for the real mother during that, and meets her true mother without her knowledge while roaming with the band, then she turns away from her because she is not aware of the truth of the matter, then he dies Vitals leaves her alone for the harsh experiences of life and meets her mother in the final.

Alice in Wonderland - 

Alice in Wonderland -

The story of the movie was built on a classic novel called "Alice's Adventures in the Land of the Oddities" written by "Lewis Carroll" in 1865, and the novel was prepared for children by Lewis, then the events of the novel were represented to a Disney cartoon movie, starring "Alice" adult From 19 years old to the magical world, when curiosity to follow an unusual rabbit invited her to fall into a hole, then as soon as she reaches a strange place that looks like nightmares, a child returns, and she has the ability to talk to animals.

After that, Alice realizes that there is a task before her that is to get rid of the throne of the Red Queen of Terror.

It is noteworthy that the novel was produced in the form of several works and presented over decades, between short films and feature films, and television works, from 1903 to 2016.

The little mermaid
The little mermaid

It is an American cartoon film produced by Disney, and appeared in the light in 1989, taken from the novel by Danish poet Hans Christian Andersen in the name of the little mermaid and the prince "The little mermaid and the prince" in 1837.

One of the best Disney did during her animation career, as the story revolves around Ariel, the 16-year-old mermaid, is the heroine of the movie who dreams of life on Earth, her father, King Triton, warns her against approaching humans, and adores the human prince who She helped him survive drowning when his ship, which was burning, was shattered.

In the absence of her father accepting the matter and pursuing her when she tried to approach the prince, Ariel tries to resort to "Arsula", which represents the witch of the seas, in order to turn her into a human being after she decided to marry the prince, but that deal is lost after the witch plans to seize a ruling Her father makes the king's daughter hostage to her and tries to harm her after the mermaid Ariel failed to meet the prince, so it becomes necessary for the king to intervene to save his daughter.

It is worth noting that the movie was dubbed into the Egyptian accent, to join the list of famous Disney films dubbed into the Egyptian vernacular, and Disney produced its first release in 1989, which was a success that won $ 84 million from the box office.