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The strongest and best Battle Royal 2020 games on Android

The strongest and best Battle Royal 2020 games on Android

The strongest and best Battle Royal 2020 games on Android
The strongest and best Battle Royal 2020 games on Android 

Battle Royal games are very popular, after a series of successes with products such as PUBG Mobile or Fortnite Mobile, the survival game series may not be foreign to players all over the world, currently famous game makers Fortnite and PUBG continue to invest a lot of money in Adjusting its formats to attract more players, the free Rules Of Survival that appeared in October of 2018 also succeeded in attracting a wide audience.

Along the way, more combat battleship games and group game style spread out, whether from professional developers or large studios, with varying levels of success. In 2020, we expect new games to come to the scene, and existing games continue to add new features to keep their fans.

Still the biggest and best games of this genre offer new features, maps, events and updates regularly.

Fortnite and PUBG Mobile have successfully developed the Android version, both games attract millions of players, and they are also among the best shooting games currently available. However, some players may want to try something else of this type, and with this article we can help!

 Here are the most powerful free Battle Royal games we recommend in 2020 on Android with download links:

  1. AX.IO - Brutal Survival Battleground
  2. Knives Out-No Rules, Just Fight!
  3. Battlelands Royale
  4. Creative Destruction
  5. Fortnite Mobile
  6. Garena Free Fire
  7. Rules Of Survival
  8. PUBG Mobile

AX.IO - Brutal Survival Battleground

There are a lot of IO games with Battle Royal mode. Some notable examples include Axe.Io, Agar.Io, Slither.Io, Arrow.Io and many more. Games usually put you in the midst of some kind of massive battle with a bunch of random players from all over the world. The method varies depending on the game. Ax.Io has hubs and uses Agar.Io dots. However, the main goal is the same for most of these games. There are a lot of people with you and you will continue to play until you or anyone else loses. They are usually Freemium and most have communication problems. However, Most IO Games are perhaps the simplest of the Battle Royal games available.


In Axe.Io months you are thrown on a small battlefield with a group of other killer knights, you have to kill them by throwing axes and stay alive as long as possible if you want to get out alive! With action-packed gameplay and brutal fighting.

Knives Out-No Rules, Just Fight!
Another popular Battle Royal game on mobile. It features a lot of the same mechanics that you see in other games. She lands on an island and tries to survive against anyone else. The game features simple mechanics, team play, a varied map, and lots of weapons. It is a typical experience. The game has some connection problems. We saw many complaints. But still a good experience.

Battlelands Royale
Battlelands Royale is an isometric shooting game. Slightly smaller than most other games. 32 players land on an island stacked with weapons. Most matches last between three and five minutes. Other than that, it's a fairly standard battle royale experience. You can find different things from tools, and use these things to kill opponents, the last player standing will win as the only winner.

The control systems of Battlelands Royale are very simple. In the left part of the screen is a virtual joystick that you use to move around the island, in the right part of the screen is a button that controls your shooting and shooting. You'll find all the weapons and first aid kits scattered anywhere, you can only automatically capture them by hovering over them.

With a variety of weapons, you can master your archery skills and become the best player on the island. You will choose between a shotgun, a submachine gun or a handgun. The available play space is constantly shrinking due to the storm, which leads to a narrowing of the screws on the survivors and pushing them to the middle of the island continuously, which leads to violent battles and clashes, which will try to survive with all the strength and skill.

The rules of the game look like a mini-model from Fortnite and Buggy Mobile, it depends on competition and contains two different modes to play both online, either playing alone and trying to survive or playing as a duo with your friend or another random player where the players work as one team for survival, as each can A player in the team ambulance and refresh his friend so that they can continue together in an attempt to stay and win.

Creative Destruction
Creative Destruction is an amazing Battle Royale game very similar to Fortnite. In fact, we consider it a clone. althoug. The game includes a large map with a variety of landscapes and matches for 100 people and features the utmost pleasure in building and shooting.

You will be parachuting into the heart of the battle on a vast arena, where fighting rages among a hundred players. Run and kill everything in your way, you can use a variety of weapons, the hair is "kill or die" to be the last survivor in an open world, in which the goal is to survive.

The varied gameplay modes, weather and time systems provide another level of frantic fun. Whether you're fighting alone or as a team, there are always surprises waiting to be explored!

Fortnite Mobile
Fortnite Mobile is one of the best and most famous combat fighting games in the world, especially America and Asia. The game includes Battle Royale mode with 100 players as you descend on a big island, search for your weapons, and head out to fight other players. There were some issues with the early versions of the game. However, APEC Games continues to improve the game to get more and more quality in every update. Click on the link to subscribe to the semi-open trial version, see a list of compatible devices, and learn how to install the game. The game, however, is not available for download through the Google Play Store.

Garena Free Fire
Free Fire or Winter Land is a shooting and shooting game and one of the most popular Battle Royal games. Strangely, it doesn't get much controversy like Fortnite or PUBG given 100 million downloads. The game includes ten minutes to play with up to 49 other participants. She uses a shooter strategy like most of her peers, everyone searches for ways to escape, the goal is to stay in the safe zone as possible. The game has some unique features, such as a direct line that allows players to travel quickly from one end of the game to another.

 You can also create teams of four with chat. The graphics are great and the gameplay is smooth. The download is actually fairly fast, it comes with moderate graphics that can run smoothly and without interruption even on medium devices, it's also a freemium game, so no one is surprised.

Rules Of Survival
Rules of Survival or Rolls of Service is another PUBG clone from NetEase Games. It was released after PUBG Mobile was announced, but before the release date. She falls from a plane, searches for important things, and kills people according to the rule. In the game there are a lot of additional weapons, vehicles and various games up to 300 players. Game programmers have added many details to a large map up to 8 x 8 km in size.

PUBG Mobile

An immersive game and one of the big names in Battle Royal mobile games. Designed exclusively for mobile devices, it is the first of its kind. Buggy Mobile game comes with realistic graphics in addition to the wonderful effects, the battle includes 100 players on a large map that is slowly collapsing to push the players to dock with each other. There are a variety of weapons, gear and vehicles to aid in combat. It is an amazingly stable game that runs smoothly as long as you have a good device. There is also a PUBG Mobile Lite version for those with low-spec devices. It has less dense graphics, 50 players instead of 100, and some other improvements.

The PC version of the game is not that good, but the situation is completely different with the Android phones version. The developers have recently added many new features like Elite Pass and Vivid Skins. The game has the largest fan base on the smartphone, bypassing all strategic combat games on Android.


Of course, there are many Battle Battle games on Android available for download other than those listed. Most of them are somewhat similar to Fort Knight or Peggy. Pending the release of Apex Legends on Android, we believe that no other strategy game is worth trying. The games mentioned in this list are the most popular ones that you may want to try on your Android phone without problems or surprises.