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Playstation 5: price, specifications and all information


As the PlayStation 5 arrives, new reports have emerged, confirming that the official logo of the PS5 is "Its Time To Play." This is consistent with the rumors. Now, the same source who speculated the logo revealed that the official PlayStation 5 specifications will be released on February 5 at the PlayStation Meeting event, which will be held at Sony Hall in New York City, USA. It should be noted that the PlayStation meeting is a special event for Sony to showcase important PlayStation products. PS4 was also released at this event.

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Rumors claim that official specifications will arrive on February 5, 2020. However, you will not be able to purchase this new console until the end of this year.

In this event, the design, manual control, user interface / home screen, electronic specifications and functions will be presented. We already know that PS5 will be compatible with all PS4 games, as we said previously. As for the official launch date for sale, the source said that the PS5 will be launched globally in October 2020 at a price of $ 499. In terms of configuration, the PS5 specifications are roughly equivalent to Microsoft's future Xbox Series X rival PlayStation One. Moreover, the “Dark Soul: Remastered”, “Godfall” and other games of the PS5 will be on sale.

In other reports, we recently saw the PS5's user interface for the first time. From these screen shots, the interface looks similar to that of the PS4. With familiar design and blue background. In addition, the Sony PS5 has 1TB SSD storage and the system version is 0.100.020.

As for its exterior design, some graphics for the PS5 give us an idea of the future look. The graphics are Sony's creation, although the patent application has not been confirmed, but the drawing is not far from what conventional controllers look like. This shape remains uncertain.