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Fortnite: Playing on iPad Pro is 4 times better than playing on Switch

Fortnite: Playing on iPad Pro is 4 times better than playing on Switch

Fortnite: Playing on iPad Pro is 4 times better than playing on Switch

Epic Games has updated the IOS version of Fortnite, especially including the ability to play with a refresh rate of 120 images per second (FPS) on an IPad Pro.

IPad Pro is now the second best Fortnite platform, behind fully capable computers with all options! There has been discussion since the last update to the IOS release, which allows enjoying FrameRate up to 120fps on the 2018 generation of the iPad tablet.

Previously, Fortnite could have been played on IOS at a maximum of 60 images per second. This double rate - which console players don't have - is a real argument for the iPad Pro. It effectively improves visual comfort thanks to the increased fluidity. Hardliners will go further to claim that improving frame rate involves better performance (through better visibility, gain accuracy and reaction). For this reason, gamers often prefer computers with high FrameRate and high-quality graphics.

IPAD PRO allows 120 images per second

Note that Apec Games provides this option on the iPad Pro. Four other options can actually be specified: 20 fps, 30 fps, 60 fps, or 120 fps. The more FPS, the lower the preset quality and image quality. This is a mandatory sacrifice to ensure acceptable gaming conditions. Of course, the 120 FPS mode will quickly drain the device.
For those looking to improve their versatility in Fortnite, the iPad Pro 2018 could be the perfect platform. Since it has become so easy to connect the Bluetooth hands (the latest update supports all buttons). Conversely, the Switch, which is limited to 30 images per second, appears pale and ranks lower in terms of comfortable gameplay (the transition to 60fps is not currently on the agenda). The same applies to older phones, not all of which are able to display FPS at 60fps.

Fortnite IPS Summary:

  • Switch: at 30 photos per second.

  • Android and IOS: 30 to 60 images per second (depending on device performance);

  • PS4 and Xbox One: 60fps (all versions);

  • IPad Pro 2018: up to 120 photos per second;

  • PC: Unlimited (depending on configuration and settings).

Ultimately, taking advantage of Fortnite at 120fps shows that the iPad Pro released in 2018 is a very powerful device. It gives an almost real experience in Battle Royale with fast clashes. This may spark another discussion, especially the debate about equality between mixed and connected players across different devices and different settings.



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