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All about Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarrot Unlike this series games this does not belong to fighting games but rather is classified as an action and action role-playing RPG style game provided by the Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm series developer. Control legendary hero Son Goku (whose real name is "Kakarot") on a free-roaming adventure that will put you in direct confrontation with the most sinister villains in the series.

Embark on an exploration journey, take on side missions, learn powerful new technologies and unleash the true Saiyan race capabilities inside you.

Game maker?
Developed by CyberConnect2, a veteran Japanese studio, with a long history of designing impressive anime-inspired action games, owned by Japanese publisher Namco Bandai Games.

The game has been available since January 17th around the world on the PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms.

All about Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Features of this game?
Unlike previous games: Dragon Ball Xenoverse and Dragon Ball FighterZ, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is based on the story, the free world and characters as much as on the elaborate movement.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot does not offer an open world from the beginning as usual in role-playing games, but the game offers a group of separate worlds and regions in which each region revolves some parts of the story, at an advanced stage of the story will open all these areas for you to be Free to explore at any time.

The game comes from a third-person perspective, but at the start of the fighting the vision turns to the side of the shoulder for better control. Combat consists of punches, leg strokes, maneuvering and some distinct strokes (COMBOS).

  1. Huge environments: Explore the multiple regions of the Dragon Ball Z world, defeating enemies, completing missions, collecting items, and moving forward with the story.
  2. Sub-quests: Discover the insights of the game, meet the famous characters from the series and complete their missions to unlock events and sub-stories.
  3. Activities: Go fishing and game for food, prepare a meal for you, practice baseball and various sports.
  4. Skilled Warrior: Fighting is an integral part of the adventure, you will face the fiercest enemies, learn new combat modes, and unite with familiar characters to defeat your enemies. Release Kahmehameh's destructive power every time.
header dragon ball z

header dragon ball z
The game is a glorification of some of the most famous moments in the animated series, where you can follow Son Goku in his intergalactic battles against some of the most dangerous opponents in the universe.

You will enjoy playing the role of the legendary character herself and spend time developing your abilities and upgrading your strength as you work to topple exceptional opponents such as Majin Buu, Kid Buu, Frieza, Cell and others in decisive narrative fights adapted from Japanese comic books (Manga).

Navigate different regions of the Dragon Ball universe and visit well-known sites like Orange City, Lucca Village and Master Roshi.

The game includes a huge collection of side quests and it is not necessary to complete the story but it has a lot of details and information related to the story taken from the original animated series.

The game needs 30 hours to complete the main tasks along with some side quests, but if you want to finish the game and all the activities inside it will take about 100 hours of play.

Auxiliary characters:
person help dragon ball z
Many of the most beloved characters will appear in the world of Dragon Ball Z in Kakarot, some of them will have special missions, some will be able to join your fights, and you will be able to fully play with other characters. Each character has its own special abilities and movements.

You can use the maximum of two auxiliary characters in any battle, and each will add their own special features. These characters include:

Chiaotzu: Former student of Master Shen.
Tien: an old opponent of Goku and a talented warrior.
Yamcha: A former schoolboy of Kame-Sennin and a repentant thief.
Krillin: Goku's close allies and reliable associate.

Outside of the auxiliary characters, there are a number of characters that can be played with, each with its own set of moves, and missions with its own story that continues throughout the game. These characters include:

Vegeta: Prince of Saiyans and Goku's permanent opponent, as well as master of Ki-Blast attacks.
Piccolo: a mysterious member of the Space Namekian family, is a fierce health competitor.
Gohan: Goku's brave skilled son, he is adept at manual fighting.

Super Saiyan ability:

The game contains a skill tree because you will not start the game with all the fighting abilities and movements. Certainly! After progressing in the game, you will be able to use your full potential, you will not only be able to unleash your appearance as a member of the Saiyan race, but you will be able to enhance your capabilities, bypassing this initial transformation, and reaching the level of Super Saiyan III.

In addition, you will be able to control super-strong fighters like Vegito and Gotenks, which are the fruit of the fusion of two other warriors in one form so that they use all the combined power gathered to eliminate the most dangerous enemies.

Best of all, the destructive environments will become bones by the force emitted after unleashing your amazing powers.

Where to buy it?
The game is available on Blu-ray discs at local distributors, in digital form, through the PlayStation Store, or through approved websites such as Gamesplanet.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot was the first big game with a wide audience in 2020.

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