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story cartoon We Invited A Criminal To Our Christmas Party

We Invited A Criminal To Our Christmas Party

Hi I'm Jane, and you won't believe what happened to me on Christmas Eve,
 I still like Christmas every year with my little sister's parents and my older brother this year
 He was the same except that my brother could not be with us. He is in the army
 He told us that he wouldn't be able to go home for the holidays my mother spent dinner and decorated the Christmas tree that my sister still believes in Santa Claus so we decided to surprise her and my father found one actor that prompted him to play Santa Claus for my sister she was so happy to see Santa that she started jumping She clapped her hands at one point. Santa said it was time to give gifts that he started pulling boxes out of his bag and putting them under Christmas. The tree while my mother was washing the dishes and my father opened a bottle of wine I noticed something strange that Santa put a small camera on one of the branches of the Christmas tree I was shocked and didn't know what to do or I said I told my parents immediately despite what I saw then they shook the heads of eir think it was just my imagination I was sure that Santa Claus was hiding something. You might wonder why I didn't show my camera to my parents but I could see the evil and Santa's eyes and I was afraid that it might harm me or us,
 So we all sat down on the table and we kept sweets,

Santa was late at home while standing at the door, noticing that he had forgotten his bag when he grabbed the bag from which a pistol fell. With the gun lying on the ground my father ran in the hope of taking the gun, but Santa was faster, so he raised his weapon and pointed out that my mother screamed and raised my sister and tied us one by one to a chair and I was really afraid and said Santa said he put his camera on the tree willing to monitor our house so that he could Who stole it, but I destroyed his plans and my father asked him to let us go, but the criminal repeated it several times in the face, I was really upset that I saw my dad bleed and we tried to keep silent because San had my dad taken out all the valuables from our house, he forced my dad to say the special code With his safety, he took all this money and put it in Suddenly his bag saw someone looking out the way my brother was already. My brother got permission to go home and wanted to surprise us, but when he saw Santa Claus pulling the TV out of our house,

 My brother realized that there was a mistake that was waiting for Santa to get his car and hit him in the head as hard as he could the death of Santa Claus. My brother immediately rushed to the house to unblock us while my father and my sister had tied this thief we called the police until the policemen arrived quickly and arrested him which is horrific When I realize that Santa was already a client like the CIA agent who entered the wrong house seriously oh I love Christmas, but I will feel afraid again whenever I see Santa Clause like this because of the stupid CIA agent, so guys what do you think about my story, was it You have any similar strange experiences, can you give me advice Well how to overcome my fear,