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The ten most hidden pictures in animation programs

The ten most hidden pictures in animation programs

You rarely find anyone who does not feel nostalgic for that period of his life in which he was 
fasting in front of the TV screen watching animated films, the fact that it is a beautiful and sweet world that we have always drawn to even after we have advanced in age, and sometimes it is true that these programs are not restricted to children only .

But it goes without saying, of course, that the way we receive animation as children is radically different from that after we grow and our knowledge becomes larger and our perceptions towards this world expand. The truth that many people may overlook is that most of these animations carry messages that he wanted to surreptitiously enter the mind of the child and reside in, greatly influencing how he evaluates issues related to these messages, and is it better than the image to communicate those messages!

Below we will present to you the ten most popular pictures in the cartoon world.

10- Guest appearance

During the series "The Hunchback Of Notre Dame", where Casimodo sings Out There, and the camera displays the view of Paris, we see characters from other Disney works appearing in the background. The heroine of “The Beauty and the Beast” appears most prominent, as she appears in her blue dress reading a book.

With more focus, you will be able to distinguish "Bomba" from the movie "The Lion King" carried by two men, as well as the flying carpet from the movie "Aladdin" in addition to a satellite on the roof of a house.

9- Pocahonts

When you watch Pocahontas carefully and precisely, you will find that most of its scenes are sex related. If you can't watch the whole movie, here's the clip explaining everything.

Some scenes may be vague, but others are very clear and show the intentions of the movie.

8- Falik Palace.

Falik Palace.

Valik Palace
This cartoon is more popular than its predecessors. Rumors say that the artist who drew the "Little Mermaid" palace intentionally placed the Valik symbol at the top of the palace in response to the threat to expel him.

The artist himself said that he did nothing of this except because he was pressured to speed up the drawing before his scheduled time, as he did not pay attention to what he drew until a member of the church who was a friend of his during the youth days called to inform him of what he drew. The new versions do not contain that sign.

7- Mr. Mithdar

Mr. Mithdar

Mr. Muthar
We remain in the field of "Little Mermaid" cartoon, as there is another accusation against Disney producers when someone saw that the minister had a "suspicious" shape in his lower region during the scene of "Ursula" marriage, which was disguised as "Vanessa" in Eric.

However, events later turned out that the minister had strange legs, and that shape was his knee.

6- Simba and the raised clouds.

Simba and the raised clouds

Another scene from one of the most popular cartoon programs ever. A long debate continued regarding a suspicious cloud that appeared in one of the scenes of the movie "The Lion King".

Before the meeting between Simba and Ravikki, Simba lay on the edge of a cloud of dust in the sky, forming the letters "S-E-X", meaning "gender." The debate is about the special effects team who wanted to make its mark in the movie. You can control yourself, but it looks to me like the word "sex" as shown.

5- Donald Duck Racist.

Disney characters and the Warner Brothers first entered the world in 1988 in the movie “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” to make cartoon fans rejoice. One evening at The Ink & Paint Club, Donald Duck and Daffy Duck play the piano together, making things bad when Donald calls his friend Duffy the nigger.

Whoever knows Donald knows it is hard to know what to say, but the phrase is clear that he said "God damn stupid nigger", although many claim that the phrase is different. This is not the only time Donald uttered bad words. In 1995, Wal-Mart released a Disney video of "Mickey Mouse" cartoon, where he complained that Donald was saying "F ** k you!" In an episode called Clock Cleaners.

4- Take off your clothes

The scene of Aladdin on the balcony of Yasmine trying to banish the tiger Raja, can be heard whispering the phrase, "Good teenagers, take off your clothes."

The text says, "Good cat, pull out and go." In the scene, it looks like someone else is whispering other than Aladdin's voice.

Whatever the text says, the American Life League has put Disney in a bad position by trying to block Disney films for including hidden sexual messages for children.

3- Jessica Rabbit's Garden Lady

Jessica Rabbit of the Who Framed Roger Rabbit cartoon has made many of the kids young. The film's production workers have already shown Jessica's "absence" in a scene with Bob, as after she was thrown outside the taxi it caused her red dress to reveal the openness of her area.

It's kind of a tradition for these workers, as they make a bold, short shot of a split second. Here it is no secret of the young viewers who will not miss seeing Jessica stand that way. Why might these workers do such things? nobody knows…

2- Rude Saviors

In 1999, Disney announced that it would return the 1977 movie "The Savers" to include an "unacceptable background image." During the scene of the passage of Bernard and Bianca mouse through the city aboard a container of sardines, a bare-breasted woman appears from one of the windows of the houses.

Although the photos mentioned here may actually be intentional or incorrect, this scene is too obvious to make Disney feel shame. The confirmation of the order came from a Disney spokesperson who said the movie dates back twenty years and the company has returned 3.4 million copies after it was sold.

1- Exciting monster

In the movie “The Beauty and the Beast” we also see sexual messages like the one above above, but in addition we see messages from Satanism. If you see the clip on top, exactly 2:55 minutes, you'll see symbols of the devil.
The rest of the clip may be related to ethics.