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The Foxy Fox and the Three Bears are a fun and beautiful story for young children

Sly Fox and the Three Bears

What is the most beautiful children's story that we tell our young children, it expands their awareness, and learning them is a useful thing that they benefit in their lives, and psychologists are advised on the importance and necessity of the children's story, which we tell our children before bedtime, and today I present to you a beautiful and entertaining children's story called the fox and the three bears an entertaining and beautiful story for children Youngsters by Mona Haris.

Sly Fox and the Three Bears
Sly Fox and the Three Bears

Once upon a time, the three bears were feeling uncomfortable and tired, so they decided to go in the expanse and picnic of the zoo to see the zoo and the different birds, to spend a beautiful time and a lovely pleasant walk in the zoo and see the different animals. Watch the three bears during their tour the lion and the guard said that he is the king of the forest, because The bravest and strongest animal in the jungle, admire the bears of the monkey who was playing great acrobatic games in the cage.

The Big Bears advised them not to imitate the monkey so that they would not get ill, and as they wandered around the park their attention attracted the many colorful birds, colored in their beautiful cages, and they were enjoying a lot. The watch is very hourly and wore it, and here the frog told the bear laughing, that the watch is fake and inside it is a flea moving its hands and the fox is pitching on you.

The bears thought about a ruse to freak the fox a hard lesson, so they hung a large paper and wrote the word "grand competition" on it. The fox approached upon seeing the paper and said, feeling very greedy, what is this competition and what and what is its reward, one of the bears said, if you can jump from the ring of fire She wins, and here the fox asked the bear wondering, and is there anyone who can jump through that episode, to win the big prize, the fox paid 10 pounds the contest entry fee, one of the bears covered a body with water and jumped through the ring of fire, and did not hurt any, and here he took The attendees clapped hard, the fox tried to imitate the bear but did not cover the body of th DONC, Vamskt by fire and was a fugitive and recovered their money and bears the price of time, laughing and took the fox, who came out of the park is to the river to extinguish the flames from his body.