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Storytime Good Habits Bedtime Stories for Kids

Storytime Good Habits Bedtime Stories for Kids

Waking Up Early - ChuChuTV Storytime Good Habits Bedtime Stories for Kids

in story time it was summer vacation.  
Choo-Choo and Cha-Cha had gotten in the habit of waking up. Very late morning, Daddy.  
Good morning, but the mornings almost over you two must start waking up earlier Choo-Choo and Cha Cha's parents were worried.  
They didn't want the kids to miss so much of the day together.  
They discussed what they could do to make the kids wake up earlier.  
I have an idea. Listen.

Hmm that evening to chew and Cha Cha's parents had a talk with the kids your mother and I have a surprise for you.  
I surprised surprised if you want to know what the surprise is.  
You'll have to wake up early.  
Tomorrow and if you want to wake up early you have to go to sleep early, too.  

Choo-Choo and Cha-Cha our excited about the surprise They set an alarm to wake them up.  
And they went to bed early that night.  
The alarm rang early the next morning.  
And Choo-Choo and Cha-Cha jumped out of bed.  
Choo-Choo and Cha-Cha dressed quickly and their father then brought the car out. Come on.  Children.  
Your surprise is a picnic.  
We are going to have a picnic today Futures father drove the car After a while, they stopped to look at some flowers.  
Look at the flowers children.  
They are full of Morning Dew.  
Did you and Cha-Cha enjoy touching the morning dew.  
Choo-Choo and Cha-Cha saw a lots of birds and bees they were chirping and buzzing sound.  
So cheerful.  Yes.  

They are all singing their Morning song. And everyone then went to the beach the sun was just rising in the sky the sun rises.  
So beautiful.  
It makes everything so bright Juju and Charter then did some exercises on the beach.  
One two three, four five.  
I can't let's shake our body.  
Dance to the tune workout is a boon.  
We are healthy Shoulders Knees.  
March March March March March March, they also play some games.  
Together they enjoyed a picnic breakfast on the beach.  
Nothing tastes even better in the morning.  
That's because they're fresh.  
Boom it was time to go home and shoot you and Cha-Cha felt very happy the morning had been a lot of fun today and it was all because we woke up early.  
Can Aman you see fun like this every day?  
Yes children.  
They can as long as you wake up early every day.  
So from that day forth Choo-Choo and Cha-Cha woke up early and have fun in the morning every day.  
Oh, my water is gone and he made many wonderful friends.  
This man seems to be sleeping whenever we see him.