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stories magical Hair And Beautiful Swan English Cartoon for Childrens

 stories Magical Hair And Beautiful Swan  English Cartoon for Childrens

  English Cartoon for Childrens

his magical theory and the beauty is fun
once upon a time a woman named Poonam
lived in a village with a husband Suresh
Poonam was pregnant due to which her
husband used to take great care of her
in a few days
Poonam gave birth to such a beautiful
daughter which everyone got fascinated
by singing the reason for coulomb's baby
girls attraction was her babies her as
it was thicker and curly then the list
of the born children due to which
everyone around her loved her daughter
very much one day Poonam talked to her
husband Suresh now we should name our
baby girl I didn't understand by which
name we should call her that time she
has come into our life
she won everyone's hearts why not name
her Mohini yes we will call her Mohini
starting today her name is Mohini after
all the rituals are naming she got a
name Mohini
now Mohini grew altered with time but
her here was growing more than her age
the length of Muniz hair was much higher
than that of an ordinary children and
also she was becoming more beautiful
according to time now Mohini got 12
years old and his curly hair has also
grown quite long one day her parents
started talking about it listen Mohini
is getting bigger now as well as our
expenses the expenses of her school
books studies are all increasing as well
we do not yet have enough money to bear
all these expenses should I also start
working with this both of us will be
- per the expenses of the house together
but Poonam you do your job in this
no offend buts I will start doing suing
work from now on to run the house and
help her husband
Poonam started doing swing work at home
now slowly and steadily both husband and
wife could be able to manage the house
but still the condition of the house
haven't yet recovered as usual
Poonam started going to the market to
fetch vegetables that is when Mohini
said mommy I also want to go to the
market with you oh dear you will get
tired stay here at home I will come in a
while no mommy I will not get tired
please take me with you all right then
Poonam also took moving with her Poonam
took all the necessary belongings of the
house only then the winning glance - a
very beautiful swan and after that she
insisted her mother to buy that Swan for
her how beautiful is it you don't need
it dear no mommy I want this one
pull him hard to take that swans at
Winnie's insistence both of them came
home with Swan and Mohini started
playing with it
day and night on the other hand Muniz
here was becoming very long seeing this
Poonam said - Suresh movie nice hair
growing very long now the hair has
charted touching the ground why not cut
some hair so that her hair does not get
damaged by touching the ground yes cut
her hair she is very small and her hair
grow very fast in a few days she will be
like that again Suri stayed Munna got
moving his head just as Poonam was
cutting Muniz hair and when here fell on
the ground they
don't and he going Poonam and suresh got
very surprised to see this what how did
this happen
I just can't understand what's happening
when Poonam again started cutting
columns here the cut it here again
turned into gold
seeing this Poonam and Suresh became
convinced that money is not an ordinary
child then both of them tied moolies
hair together so that no one would know
about it at the same time after getting
so much money the condition of the two
of the house changed now whenever they
needed the money they would cut the
Moonies here a little bit and take it
from them in a few days the situation of
both changed drastically after seeing
this some of the neighbors started
getting jealous after which they went
outside Poonam Sul and started weeping
into their house one day one of their
neighbors saw Poonam cutting Winnie's
here okay so that's the secret behind
their richness oh my god
Wow I could feel that his daughter is
not an ordinary daughter here is magical
and look her hair is really magical
that's why so much gold is coming out of
it now we also want to rear it
why don't we kidnap Mohini by doing this
we will become rich for the her life
thinking of this both of them reached
her house the next night to kidnap Munna
they went to Monique and this shut moon
is Mark as soon as Mooney realized it
she cut the man's finger and shouted
loudly fearing Muniz voice her parents
reached to her but both of them ran
after her to save Mohini they saw two
men wearing masks carrying their
daughter then the men started scaring
with a knife stay away stay away as I
will kill your daughter
hearing this Poonam and Suresh got
only then the small living in their
house went to the to milk and started
hitting them with the beef but still
those two men didn't leave me and then
to Delhi that's one thought into an
injured seeing this everyone got
surprised leave the girl or as I will
not spare you
seeing the angel in front of them both
of them got very scared and left Mohini
after which the ancient one made the
memory of the two neighbors disappear
and told them to leave after which both
of them left after that
Poonam and Suresh asked about the
incidents that are happening to them I
have come here to look after Mohini
Mohini is not an ordinary child she is
an angel when she was an angel
she had this two burners that she wants
to live a human life
so she choose the house of both of you
she saw that you are very good hearted
person so she thought it would be right
to be born here but long hair she had
similar long hair before and also
magical but she could not do anything to
them and she was born with her hair she
lost her magical powers but the magic of
her remains as it is and she was born
with them we could not be able to take
care of her from dangers please
so I had to come here now I will stay
here until she will not live her whole
life serration unum became very happy
after hearing all this and from that day
onwards everyone kept the secret of
mo'ne means an angel and all started
living happily together if you enjoyed
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