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Steven Universe Future Episode 1 - 10 Cartoon Network

Steven Universe Future Episode 1 - 10 Cartoon Network

Steven Universe Future Episode 1 - 10  Steven Universe Cartoon Network

By the end of these ten episodes, Stephen Universe hadn't come out with a final answer and he's right. These episodes track Stephen largely as he struggles to find a place for himself after the disintegration of the Gems Empire and in the midst of facilitating the transition of other gems to life on Earth.

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Time and again, Stephen tries to help others the way he is used to with less than stellar results. This is more evident in "guidance", as Stephen tries to help Amethyst find jobs for some gemstones and proves to be less efficient at it than Amethyst. Stephen's heart is still in the right place but it doesn't work the same way it used to.

 Steven Universe Future can be described as Stephen's downward spiral because these things that he will use so that he does not have to think about himself - i.e. helping others with their problems - is dispensed and replaced with his own version of an existential crisis. This also comes with just how unwilling he is to think of his mother at this point.

He realizes that she has done bad things, but she does not want to focus on those things or reconcile them in any way. Stephen is the dog in a burning room that again and again insists everything is OK