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Learn to draw cartoon

Learn to draw cartoon

Learn to draw cartoon
Learn to draw cartoon

Animation or animation is a large world, and a wide range, it is a special artistic style that the product relies on to produce graphics instead of photographing, and animation. She has her own audience, be it children or adults, and has advanced animations, achieving graphics accuracy and accurate movements.

The animation begins to draw all scenes that include the cartoon characters, then rotates it again and again to appear as if it were moving, and between the image and the other part, it is from one part to ten parts per second, so the eye looks as if it is moving and it changes quickly between the images at first.

Famous comedians worked in the first part of the animated films, among them: Max Fletcher and Pat Sullivan, and in the early stages of film editing, John Randolph Bree and Earl Hurd were starting the first month. Mickey Mouse character.

Later, the animation stages were developed, and the so-called anime came into being and became famous thanks to its production in Japan, and is based on his ideas on comics, so the graphics are made and then the movement is controlled using the enlarged / dwindling images (zoom in / zoom out) , Osamu Tzuka is considered the father of animation.

With the advent of computers and the development of their specifications to make graphics cards so high, it was possible to work on designing and drawing programs for anime on computers, as well as transferring programming. Slideshow on special programs for that.

  1. Adobe Flash Professional CC.
  2. Anime studio.
  3. LADY
  5. Maya show.
  6. LGHITWAVE program.
  7. 3D studio max.
  8. BLEDER program.
Learning to draw on these programs requires extensive study of a program, if these programs provide the tools for drawing and color, and the tools for animation.

When drawing, the dimensions of the human body must be taken into account, where the head-to-body ratio is about one to seven, the eyes are very large, and the face is clearly defined, which is a state of mind. Mind and feeling appear on it.

Steps to draw anime:

Border Mode: Borders are set for the body size and position drawn. As a standing, sitting, or oblique figure, on this basis broad lines are drawn to determine the distance of the body and the distance of the head.

Draw the head: a horizontal line is drawn until the eye is drawn in the area above.
Draw the lower jaw: the drawing method shows the psychological state of the anime character.
Eye paint clarification: The eye has many forms if the eyes are sleeping, the area and eyelids are small, and the two eyes are frightened and surprised, and the eyes are small. The girl's eyes are distinguished by long eyelashes.

Mouth and Nose Drawing: Small nose for girls, big for boys and mouth according to the psychological state and is controlled when drawing the lower jaw.

Draw the hair: start from the middle and draw a random non-straight hair.
Hair is shaded under the mouth, next to the nose and top of the neck.
Make a certain head and neck movement.

When drawing your arms, focus on your fingers to fit the position.
Vacuum paint should have no effect whether it is sitting, standing or moving.