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"Klaus" ... the first animated movie for "Netflix"

"Klaus" ... the first animated movie for "Netflix"

Netflix surprised everyone with its first animation, a movie that relied entirely on two-dimensional animation technology, which reminds us of Disney movies in the nineties, and also reminds us of children's story books in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Klaus revolves around a story full of nostalgia and comedy, in addition to the many warm moments that revolve around the value of friendship, the ability to altruism and sacrifice to change the entire world, all in an ideal atmosphere for birthdays and the end of the year; the movie is mainly about a copy Adjusted for the original story behind Santa Claus, according to the website, Al Jazeera Net.
While animation films go very quickly year after year in the way of using the best technologies to delude viewers that what they are seeing on screen is real, this is exactly what Disney has been doing in recent years through the use of computer graphics technology, and dispensing entirely with manual graphics, then The recent shift to using special effects in making animated tales in the form of realistic films, which we saw this year in the films "Aladdin" and "The Lion King".

About friendship The film begins with a story of a spoiled boy who fails miserably at the Postal School, but it mainly depends on the fact that his father is the head of the Postal Service in a European country that the film does not tell us in its name, as we do not know exactly what time the story is taking place, but we are through the fashion of characters, and the atmosphere It mainly depends on horse drawn carriages. We conclude that we are in the Middle Ages, particularly between the 13th and 15th centuries. The father assigns his son a difficult task in going to a very remote and poor city, to work in transporting mail for a year, provided that he does not return to a life of luxury until after he succeeds in delivering thousands of messages to and from this city.
This first chapter then leads us to a boy’s journey in a horrific and desolate city that looks like a ghost town, except that everything changes when this boy learns about a huge old man with clear white hair and a long beard that looks like the color of snow, and the boy finds an old friend and spiritual father in the old man. The old man in the boy means to find a new goal for his life after he lost his wife, who left him without children.

This is how the movie, and its direct viewing level, takes us to a warm tale of friendship, but if we dig a little deeper, we will find something more impressive than that.
The story of Santa Claus
At the heart of this story about friendship lies the movie’s most important strength, which is that it provides a very enjoyable version of the true story behind the “Santa Claus” or “Santa Claus” character that children around the world know as the character of the kind white beard who brings gifts to them at the end Every year on condition that they behave well towards their friends and family members. The true story that may have been influenced by the story of Saint Nicholas; the Greek religious man who used to bring gifts to children during the fourth century AD has taken the film to a wider world where we see the character of Klaus, a man not associated with a single religious heritage, and he also fills his personal story of isolation In a house in the woods after the death of his wife.

The film also gives this man a great motivation to take care of children, as he personally has been deprived of the blessing of fatherhood, so his new passion for making gifts for children becomes a real justification for changing his life personally before he changes their lives.
This is how the Nostalgia film blends with the remodeling of the legend, finally providing us with a very likable and appropriate version for viewers of all ethnicities and ages about the story of Santa Claus.

Fee full of Nostalgia
Finally, we conclude with the movie's most important strength, and it is perhaps the main reason why it has so far received a rating of 98% of viewers and 91% of critics on the "Rotten Tomatoes" website, in addition to high ratings in other rating sites such as "AMDP". The most prominent strength here is the two-dimensional graphics, which, despite being made in a digital way, through which you can feel the nostalgia for childhood films, and here the effect of the director of the film Sergio Pablos seems very clear, the man worked with Disney in the nineties through famous films, such as " Tarazan and Heracles, films that many young people today have had many memories of as a child. Thus, through this "Klaus", "Netflix" completely departs from Disney's new approach to bringing reality to the animation world. With the success of this movie, "Netflix" proves that the audience may prefer the old world of animation in its shape, with notebooks that resemble children's books, and fairy tales filled with emotions. And longing.