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Freak City Adventure Time Cartoon Network 2020

starving homeless guy is the wrong thing to do why I don't know I said maybe a hero always helps someone in need and besides he's probably secretly an elf who will reward us for being nice here you go buddy oh you know believe it or not I'm not really a beggar I'm actually
I didn't expect this you gave me that candy now I'll do you a favor in return a magic favor dude for you why'd you do that because this day a magical life lesson comes to you know change me back not until you appreciate what a jerk I am
what a nutty guy what kind of deal is that I help somebody out and then make me a stinky foot you smell pretty good get off of me man I can't be a hero if I'm a big good-smelling foot maybe you're looking at this magic gift all wrong now that you're a huge foot you can kick evils butt like way more times as hard you're 100% kick man why are you being so level-headed about this don't be a syst Finn here come on kick my butt you're the sis sis ouch oh ouch see man let's give your foot body a shot no dude I want to go find that Magic Man and get my body back Shh just be a foot for a little bit okay I will awesome dude you'll never regret this okay

when the next monster comes along hell step on that trigger over there sending your giant foot body into the monsters crotch this sucks dude what'd I tell you you're a great hero let's go set up some more crotch catapults so we can laugh and be heroes no Jake let's find that Magic Man finn being an enormous crotch-kicking foot as a gift don't scorn a gift town on fire this looks like a job for foot Finn stomping ability what I can't even bend these big fat toes man you can do it Finn what'd I teach you dude not to scorn the kicking of people in the crotch you got it now I'm gonna go rescue all the babies in town only the babies get your hero on dude okay you can do this bin start small man I'm not a freak Hiro Jake how'd you find me I could sense when you're about to cry it's like a mother-daughter thing I'm not gonna cry man I just feel like crying we have to find that magic guy and get my body back now what we have to do is find out what reeks under this bridge Jake oh it's blocking out your good foot smell get back here Lutz I suppose like vomit on fire it's like fancy cheese in an old guys mouth welcome travelers aah I am Gork leader of freak city I can see one of us felt the magic man's touch yeah you know that guy I will tell you all that I know we are the accursed at once all once normal guys and gals who crossed paths with the Magic Man that's that the arm Trudy the waist that's wee wee and gorflax they were turned into tonsils and that's kept but please make yourselves at home would you like something to drink no well I don't know maybe uh I don't think so I'll go check yo Finn this place is really bumming me out let's get out what no dude these guys might be my only hope of finding the Magic Man hey we actually do have orange juice thanks for being cool and all but what do you know about this Magic Man how do we catch him oh he can't be caught he's got magic and we're worthless freaks we can't ever beat him so we've gathered here to Wow in our self-pity but don't y'all even want to try why not you're all totally miserable here uh it's a living no it's not zap it's not a living it's Dookie diapers I don't to be afoot