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Explanation of the game Imperia Online

Impression Online

Imperia Online game, which is a strategic and military game at the same time, you do not need to download where you play on any browser, but later a copy of smart phones was displayed, you can get it from here This game was released on August 23, 2005 was translated into thirty languages and is played from Before forty million users registered around the world and the game is currently in its sixth edition, but there are still users in the fifth version

Impression Online
Explanation of the game Imperia Online

the way of playing

Each player is assigned as emperor to an undeveloped province or region, where you can develop your own province by building various economic and military buildings and building resource-generating buildings and universities, and players are allowed to attack other provinces to plunder their resources as it is allowed to recruit and train military units to defend from enemy attacks, and can Also, for players to exchange their resources with each other after building markets on their lands where players can communicate with each other through messages inside the game, you can join alliances with each other for military and economic cooperation with other players, then you can Tos Join the region to become an empire by annexing and colonizing lands from other players.

Start the game

The player must register to join the game and this registration is free of charge and is done by providing an email and creating a new user name and setting a password (or password) or you can register through an account on the social network such as Facebook or Twitter, when the player starts there will be an educational program that must be followed To know how to play and to know the tasks that you will carry out as these instructions guide the players to develop their boycott at the beginning of the game, new players can define a period called "beginners protection" period and be for a period of seven days in which you cannot attack.

Required resources

There must be some resources for the development of the province and the training units, and there are three resources: wood, iron, stone or bricks and they are produced by the buildings that generate the resources that we talked about before they are the wood mill and stone quarries and the iron mine and when updating these buildings can increase the production of resources, and this opens the door for employment In the Kingdom and the exploitation of labor to increase production, then the fourth resource appears, which is gold and is used to develop buildings, which is also the global currency that is used and traded for sale and purchase. Gold is collected from taxes and sale in the markets and the siege, rewards and interests of Deposits, and there are so-called special resources that can be found throughout the empire, which are more than fifty types and the main purpose of which is to grant rewards within the game for various statistics such as production of resources, acquisition of experiences, production of military units and all available achievements.

Available buildings

There are thirty buildings that can be built and promoted in the capital. These buildings are separated and determined whether they are economic or military, through two tabs for clarification, and this is through a main building called "City Hall", which is the building that begins with each player.

The alliance takes place between groups of players, where they share their own strategy with each other, and the resources are donated by the members of the alliance in a warehouse called the Alliance Treasury, and they are used later to search for technologies, wage wars, build alliance buildings, and expand military and economic influence.
The battle system in the game Imperia Online is a rich and complex system where it was built using five main types of military units, where the battle system requires skill and tactical thinking and the use of appropriate military formation in the battle, and in order to win, you must start attacking first on competitors and attacking military points to reduce enemy units and points of honor Without the siege of the fort or the pillaging of the civilian population, then the fortress will be besieged after the successful field battle, loot its resources and collect gold as well.

 Now that you know the game and how to play, you can visit and try it here
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