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Dragon Ball Z returns with a new version the latest games in the first half of January 2020!

Dragon Ball Z returns with a new version

Dragon Ball Z returns with a new version ... the latest games in the first half of January 2020!

Happy New Year, followers of electronic games, as we always used to publish all the news of games and their new releases, we return to you with the beginning of the new year 2020 in a review of the most prominent games that were issued recently or that will be released soon on all platforms and personal computers, we start our journey today from the world of Asian anime The magician then goes to the future in combat robots fighting, and then we move to the cold glaciers, and we conclude our article on football fields and the management of sports clubs.


We all enjoyed the story of the popular anime series DRAGON BALL Z, a large number of games have been released in the wonderful fantasy world, and BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment has returned to us with a new version of the series titled Dragon Ball Z: KAKAROT, which will be released on January 17, 2020.

The game unfolds in a magical world full of villains from the perspective of the third person, and the game answers a large number of secrets that have been kept secret all the time, fighting in the vast battlefields and destructible environments and the game is characterized by impressive graphics full of movement. The game is not only about fighting and battles, but you can practice your life as one of the Z fighters through the practice of hunting, eating, training and making friends with the smooth characters that we all loved.

The game is available for pre-order in all e-stores, and it will work on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows computers at $ 60 per copy, and you can visit the game's official website to access download links and more details here.

The Surge 2: The Kraken expansion

After the great success of The Surge 2 when it was first launched, Deck13 Interactive decided to develop the game, add updates and launch the game with its new look on January 16, 2020.The new version is called The Kraken expansion and the game works on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows computers.

You can customize your character within the game, such as changing the outward appearance and choosing the main weapon that will determine your playing style, and the game includes multiple modes such as the online multiplayer mode that allows discovering the new and fun game world with friends and players around the world by interacting with the surrounding environment and making critical decisions that It will affect the progress of events inside the game.

In the new version we will see hours of additional content and events going on in an all-new site called Jericho City, a very large number of new weapons and armor that you can build and develop to beat the evil bosses and their robotic followers who rule the city, and you can visit the game's official website now to access download links And pre-order the game from here.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

The new monster hunting game has achieved unspeakable success on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 when it was officially launched at the end of last year, and the producing company plans to go ahead and finally deliver the game to Windows computers, adding to the current version the Arctic map known as Hoarfrost Reach with a group New from monsters, weapons and new equipment, the special version available on Windows PCs features impressive graphics and game resolution up to 4K at unlimited frame rates, in addition to improved game control but with a keyboard and mouse.

The game is a third-person role-playing RPG type game, and you will take the role of a hunter who joins a research organization that studies monsters and hunted monsters to obtain useful resources that help you develop your armor and weapons to capture larger and more powerful monsters, and the game also includes different game modes, where you can fight alone Or with the help of friends in a team of 4 players in a dynamic dynamic environment that affects the activity of monsters and the ease of catching or killing them. A version of Windows computers was released a few days ago on January 9, 2020 and you can enter the official website and download it here.

Football, Tactics and Glory

It is a strategy football simulation game that includes the game a large number of stages, challenges and fateful decisions, inside the game you can build and develop your team, play games and buy players and training cadres, the game has been exclusive to Windows computers since the beginning of 2018, and after its great career and success, Creoteam has worked to bring it For all gamers, and finally the game will arrive on January 22, 2020, a few days after the PlayStation4 and Xbox One in addition to the nintendo switch platform that crushes the markets since its launch until today, which adds a wonderful portable experience with a satisfying accuracy for all gamers.

The game is full of details, before every match you have to preview your opponent and determine the strengths and weaknesses in his squad, and then put the best strategy to win over him, and represent every great puzzle game in the world of soccer training, and with your progress in the levels each player in your squad will have a unique style to play In addition to his behaviors that will motivate you to increase his wage or to sell and get rid of him, you will not waste your time developing your skills very slowly, but you can make big decisions that will affect your club’s career dramatically and immediately, which attracts all categories of players even those who do not enjoy football and do not
encourage Barcelona Or a diuretic D, you can visit the official site of the game to get to the download

 links from here.