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Subway Surfers 1.113.0 game for computer and mobile with direct link

Subway Surfers free download for PC, Android and iPhone latest version

Subway Surfers download the Subway game from the free mobile entertainment games available on the Play Store, and the game won the admiration of many users, where you can play it on the mobile or computer,

Subway Surfers free download for PC
Subway Surfers free download for PC

The company Cebu and Kilo created and issued that game, which was released for the first time in the month of May 2012, and at the beginning of the release of the game was loaded through the Play Store only and then became available on the computer.

Idea for Subway or Saboey game

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1 Subway or Saboey game idea
1.1 New Subway Game 2020
2 Advantages of Subway Surfers
3 How to download Subway Surfers
3.1 How to play inside Subway Surfers
3.2 Information about Subway
3.2.1 Download the subway surf game for pc
3.3 Subway mobile download link
3.3.1 Download Subway for Android
3.3.2 Download subway surfers apk latest version
3.3.3 Download original Subway for iPhone

A few years ago, endless running games became very popular, and since then they have never stopped. This type of nickname usually stands out as a video game for the platform in which our character advances non-stop through a fairly endless repeating world,

He evades all kinds of obstacles, the difficulty that causes us to die sooner or later. Our only goal is to help our character advance as possible, and to help him jump or duck or avoid existing scenario elements to stop us. There are many examples of this type of game on mobile devices like Temple Run or Subway Surfers, which you can also download to your computer from today.

The new subway game 2020

In Subway Surfers 1.113.0 developed by Kiloo we have an endless run that has an excuse. We will face the role of the gentle vandal on the streets who loves decorating metro stations and lines from all over the world with bulldozers. Of course, he has to run away from the police chasing him so that he can continue showing all his art to different scenarios while also trying to collect coins on his way. Not simply jogging, but hoverboard riding. The idea of ​​Subway or Saboy game is based on the process of running away and walking in the middle of the railways and on the tracks in order to escape from the police inspector who is trying to arrest you while he and his police dog. You jump over or below the barriers in front of you to escape. And there are some gold coins or aid in front of you that you have to take, because they are fast skating, walking and jumping, including the huge jumping shoes, missiles and hoppers that you accept on your way. You can enjoy watching the dangerous train tracks while avoiding traps and obstacles. You should also try to collect coins along the way for dozens including items that boost your abilities to perform tasks. You can choose the character you want to play with at the beginning of the game.

The new subway game 2020

Subway Surfers features

Subway Surfers has many very special features, so for the ease of the game and the pleasure of the experience in jumping from one place to another, the most important features of the game are the following:

The game, you can download it from the download link easily and without costs at all.
The game is suitable for all ages, as it does not contain witnessing violence or mental effort while playing the game.
Animated cartoon with visual effects suitable for the eye.
The game does not contain any ads that bother you during the game.
Subway Surf is compatible with all versions of Windows and Android.
You do not need to be connected to the internet during use, which gives you the pleasure of using.
The game features a distinctive and unique design that is suitable for children.
Ride your hoverboard and surf train lines non-stop.
Escape from the police while collecting gold coins.
Buy and collect new vehicles and improvements for your character.
Visit different cities around the world in every new update.

Subway Surfers features

How to download Subway Surfers

First, click on the download link below the article, which will refer you to the game page found in the Play Store, then click on the green install button.
Your phone will ask you to accept some permissions to complete the download process, then accept it.
The game will download, and upon completion of the download process, you will find it installed on your phone.
Now you can open the game, and enjoy playing in an atmosphere full of fun and excitement.

How to play inside Subway Surfers

Initially open the game and follow the instructions that will appear in front of you that help you to play the game easily, then enter the game directly.
All you have to do is slide your fingers up to be able to jump inside the subway surf game, and bypass the obstacles that appear in front of you by jumping up or walking up to prevent the policeman from arresting you.
While playing, make sure to collect the largest number of coins that help you in the process of buying tools later from within the game.
Make sure to run fast so that the policeman can't catch you, while making sure you get past the obstacles well.
How to play inside Subway Surfers
Subway Surfers

Information about Subway

The game is produced by the company Kilo
The game supports the following systems: Windows Phone, Android, iOS, Amazon Kindle
The game is free
Saboy is a kind of racing game
Suitable for children of all ages.
Designer: Kiloo

The best thing about Subway Surfers is its constant updates. Not only will you be able to play with new characters, choose between Jake, Tricky, or Fresh, but in each new release we will discover a new city in the world to roam on its own metro network, as well as take advantage of different hoverboards and flying skateboards to be able to escape in Full throttle.

Before you press the Download button, you should know that there is no such thing as an official version of Subway Surfers for PC but that does not mean that you will not be able to play on your computer.

Download subway surf game for pc
Subway mobile game download link
Download Subway for Android
Download subway surfers apk latest version
Download original Subway for iPhone