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stories for Kids Gold Smith and the Miser

stories for Kids Gold Smith and the Miser

 stories for Kids Gold Smith and the Miser 

during the reign of King Akbar lived a miser he lived in a small hut made of mud and straw he spent very little money and put his savings in a large box he hid this box in a corner on his Hut one day a fire broke out in his heart fire fire help somebody help my Hut is on fire during the cries the villagers came with buckets of water they tried their best to control the flames but the fire kept burning the miser started crying loudly hey why are you crying so hard after all it's just his straw hat Oh sir you do not know in that hat I have my life savings

there is a box full of gems and gold coins buried in the corner in the stove don't worry I will go and get the box for you but you should promise me that after I get the box I will give you what I desire and the rest will be mine okay okay I promise now rush before it's too late the goldsmith jumped into the leaping flame to get the box soon he came up with the box and minor burns on his hands thank you so much the miser went to take the box of gems and gold coins but the goldsmith stopped him mm-hmm hold on I said I would give you what I desire the miser looked at the ghost with confused here I desire to give you this box the gems and gold coins are mine the Goldsmith handed the miser an empty box hey that's cheating I agree that you helped me out for that you can take half of my savings hmm no I will not agree a promise is a promise I said what I desire the argument continued for some time at last they decided to go to beer bar for justice ba-bow listen to their problem okay goldsmith what do you desire Pat came to reply the gems and the coin sir as per your promise the gems in the gold coins belong to the miser as you had promised to give him what you desire the ghost with realized that Birbal had played with his own words and there was nothing he could do about it the miser thanked pebble for getting his savings back and left with a big smile