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Chika Learns To Ride A Bike Habits Moral Stories for Kids

Chika Learns To Ride A Bike  Habits Moral Stories for Kids

zucchini storytime
00:17 choo-choos neighborhood was a great
00:20 place to live
00:22 many children lived there a boy named
00:26 cus Lee lived in the neighborhood - one
00:30 morning hustlaz mother woke him up with
00:34 a kiss
00:36 good morning Huxley sweetheart it's time
00:40 to rise and shine
00:47 can I sleep for a little longer please
00:53 you can cuss Lee but don't you want to
00:58 get up and get dressed it's your
01:01 birthday today remember happy birthday
01:15 sweetheart
01:19 so what would you like to do today Gus
01:22 we would you like to invite your friends
01:27 over for a birthday party yes
01:30 let's invite my friends over for lunch
01:44 my bread it's your day today Cussler
01:49 so we'll do whatever you like dear
01:56 hustla got dressed quickly he wore some
02:01 nice new clothes
02:04 huh sleaze mother invited his friends
02:07 over she ordered pizzas and a delicious
02:12 chocolate birthday cake meanwhile
02:16 hustling put on an apron and started
02:20 making his favorite broccoli suit
02:46 soon the soup was done and cus Lee was
02:51 ready for his birthday party the
02:54 doorbell rang cus Lee's friends came
02:59 with presents cus Lee's mother invited
03:07 everyone to join cus Lee as he cut his
03:10 birthday cake
03:13 come on everyone let's sing for cus Lee
03:17 well he cuts his birthday cake
03:40 everyone cuss Lee's mother then invited
03:45 all the children to eat lunch come on
03:50 children you must be hungry now let's
03:54 have some lunch cus Lee wanted everyone
03:59 to try his broccoli soup everyone please
04:10 try it I'm really hungry costly but I'll
04:17 skip the soup and just have pizza and
04:20 cake try it cha cha it's delicious I
04:25 know you'll like it no custody I only
04:30 want pizza and cake oops
04:35 ChaCha's hand accidentally hit the soup
04:39 bowl some soup spilled out hustla became
04:44 very angry I'm not going to give you any
04:54 cake for pizza now huh I'm sorry honey I
05:01 didn't mean to spill the soup I'll help
05:06 you clean it up oh no you won't chew
05:12 chew heard cuss Lee scolding cha cha
05:16 Kitely it was an accident you're not
05:20 being fair do you remember what happened
05:24l  ast week you were playing with a frog
05:28 when you accidentally hurt its leg I
05:37 think I'd better go home
05:40 I've heard this frog huh you left
05:44 without helping the Frog but ChaCha I
05:49 took the Frog with us and cared for it
05:57 you are very rude costly you ran away
06:02 without helping out but we forgot about
06:07 your mistake and came to your birthday
06:09 party we forgave you didn't we huh