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Best Christmas Stories For Kids Christmas How Christmas Started Santa Claus

 Best Christmas Stories For Kids Christmas How Christmas Started Santa Claus

it's Christmas time well Christmas is celebrated in many ways some decorate the Christmas tree and the house some eat plenty of good food and sweets some spend a lot of time with family some sing and dance but do you even know how it all started
well do you know how Christmas started let me tell you the story about it zoom in in the early years of Christianity people didn't even celebrate Christmas well that's right
Christmas marks the birth of Jesus Christ and people were confused as to when was Jesus born it was rather the festival of Saturnalia that was celebrated on the 25th of December by the pagans of Rome in the honor of God Saturn and people used to gather to exchange gifts feast and decorate trees it was during the time of Roman Emperor Constantine when Christmas happened to be celebrated on the 25th of December many believed that Emperor Constantine did so because he was the first Christian Roman Emperor and since celebrations already took place on the 25th of December in the name of Saturnalia he probably thought of blending Christian and pagan traditions few years later in 350 84 Julius officially declared that the birth of Jesus Christ would be celebrated on 25th of December
and that my friends mud Christmas trivia time ever wondered why we called Christmas as Xmas sometimes that's because X is the Greek letter Chi which in short was used for Christ's Christmas trees usually grow for about 15 years before they are sold in Poland spiders or spider webs are common decorations for Christmas trees
according to ancient legends it was a spider that will blanket for baby Jesus in fact Polish people consider spiders to be a symbol of prosperity and goodness but doctor by knocks why so many facts for triviatime today because is Christmas and I feel old generous and giving so friends celebrate Christmas with love joy and with sharing and caring this is me zooming out tune in next time for more fun facts Merry Christmas Christmas is incomplete without Santa Claus isn't it but not many know that it was Saint Nicholas who is known as Santa Claus come let's know more about him zoom in it was believed that there lived a monk named Saint Nicholas who was a big man with a big heart he would often give away all his wealth and possessions to the ones who were needy Saint Nicholas was believed to be born in 280 80 near Myra in modern-day Turkey as legends say Saint Nicholas was a smart kid he started reading the Bible at the age of five there are many stories of st. Nicholas's generosity - one that stands popular is the one where he saved three poor sisters from being sold into slavery by their father by giving them three bags full of money when st. Nicholas died it was believed that people saw angels around him to guide his way to heaven but even after his death people continued the practice of giving gifts slowly and steadily his popularity spread across all borders and that's how we got our Santa Claus many believe that he lives in the North Pole rides on a sleigh pulled by reindeers to keep gifts in socks of Christmas trees trivia time do you know that in the early years Santa Claus was shown in different colors not like the ones you see now it was only after a television commercial that the image of Santa Claus began in red and white st. Nicholas Day is celebrated on the 6th of December if Santa Claus was alive he would be 1748 years old who says Santa's not alive he's alive in all of you he's alive in all the goodness and niceness that sticks with you all

oh yes and that is exactly the spirit of Christmas I'll spend some time with Sanka while you come back next time for more fun facts this is me zooming out Merry Christmas Merry Christmas hey friends it's Christmas time and like every year I am decorating the Christmas dream but have you ever wondered why and when the tradition of decorating the Christmas tree began if not then don't worry my friends today let us look back in history and explore the story of the Christmas tree zoom in it is believed that the tradition of decorating the tree first began in the 16th century in modern-day Germany according to a legend in the early part of the 8th century st. Boniface of England was sent to Germany as a missionary it was on this trip around the time of winter solstice that he was said to have come across a group of pagans who were preparing to make a sacrifice for worshipping a sacred old oak tree horrified by what he saw Saint Boniface stopped the sacrifice grabbed the nearest axes and jumped down the oak tree with a single stroke the pagans were confused by this at first but st. Boniface's actions were taken in good spirit when a fortress sprang out on the spot where the old oak tree had been standing well that story is just a legend and there is no real evidence of this myth but another important question is how did it go from a story of a fir tree to this marvellous decorative tree in our houses well it is said that during the Middle Ages the churches began to decorate the living fir trees with apples during Christmastime and called them paradise trees and as time passed people started to add candles on the fir tree along with the apples and slowly the Christmas tree we see today began to take shape but in 1841 the Christmas tree became popular outside Germany when Queen Victoria of England married a German Prince named Albert on a Christmas evening he began the custom of decorating a large tree in winter castle in 1848 of print showing the royal couple with their children and an embellished Christmas tree was published in the Illustrated London News and from that time on wards the popularity of the decorated fall trees spread throughout society and reached other parts of the world trivia time did you know Thomas Edison's assistant Edwin Johnson came up with the idea of electric lights from Christmas trees in 1882 so now you know the exciting history behind the story of the Christmas tree but to celebrate the true spirit of Christmas do not forget to like comment and share this video and most importantly ask your friends and family to subscribe to our channel peekaboo kids as a part of Christmas gift from you I am sure they will love it oh so hope you enjoyed today's episode until next time it's me dr. by Knox saying Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all my lovely friends this is me zooming out dude that's my car oh never mind