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Princess and the Wild Swans Bedtime Stories

Adisebaba fairy tales

upon a time in a land far away they lived a king with eleven sons and one
daughter when his wife passed away after some time had passed the King remarried
not knowing that the new queen was in fact in evil which she did not like the
kids from the Kings ex-wife she always complained about them to the king and
looked for ways to get them kicked out of the castle the kids are Rascals the
maids come complaining every day with something new the new queen complained
so much soon after the king began to believe in these rumors he first sent
his daughter away to a farm not so far away she was going to stay with a
farmer's family until she was 15 evil hearted Queen wanted to send the boys
away too but because they were too small the king did not approve but she had
forbidden them to leave their room one night the Queen came to their room and
with just one spell she turned them into eleven wild swans
she then opened the window and left the room the boys who were now Wild Swans
flew out the window years had passed and the girl was now 15 years old that same
day she returned to the castle while she was waiting to see her father her
stepmother the Queen saw her seeing how beautiful she had become the Queen was
so jealous and furious at the fact that the princess had returned to the castle
while waiting for her father to arrive back to the castle as tired as she was
the princess fell asleep in her room the Queen entered her room and cast a spell
on her

.Princess and the Wild Swans

suddenly the princess's hair got really messy her face changed and was now
somewhat darker the King returned to the castle and was very happy finding out
that his daughter had returned he immediately went over to her room but
the girls sleeping in their room did not look like his daughter at all this is
not my daughter I order you to get her out of the castle immediately after this
order the King left the room the King's guards woke the princess up and took her
out of the castle
whatever she said or did she could not convince them to let her see the king
with no other option the poor princess was on her way crying when walking in
the woods the young girl met an old lady she greeted her and asked have you seen
eleven young princes around here aye dear girl I haven't seen eleven
princes but I have seen eleven Wild Swans every yuning they go right over
there to the shore the young princess sadly left the old lady behind and went
over to the shore around sunset the eleven Wild Swans the old lady was
talking about came by her side
soon after the Sun had set the eleven Wild Swans turned into eleven handsome
princes leaving the princess stunned the young girl recognized her brothers that
instant and began running towards them while she was running she turned back
into the beautiful princess she once was
and of course her brothers recognized her instantly with joy and happiness
they hugged each other the evil queen spell had worn off it was the power of
their family love the 11 Prince's told the young princess their story they
could only be human at night and after dawn everyday they turned into wilds
once again since it was almost dawn they decided to take her with them they made
a basket of reeds set her in it and ride when they were ready the Sun
came up in once again they all turned into wild swans
the Wild Swans held on from the side of the basket and began to fly the young
princess felt extremely happy flying with her brothers it felt as if it were
a dream after a short while she fell asleep in her dream she saw the fairy
from the land of the clouds if you want your brothers to turn back to normal
permanently you have to make them jackets from stinging nettle but until
you make them all you should not mention this to anyone
otherwise they will stay as Wild Swans forever

Princess and the Wild Swans Bedtime

after giving all the facts the fairy vanished the young princess did not say
anything about her dream to her brothers
her brothers left her on a land close by and flew away promising to return soon
the princess began gathering stinging nettles for the jackets but everytime
she touched the nettles her hands would hurt and swell but she did not care
about the pain and continued to gather the nettles suddenly she was spotted by
a prince who was hunting the prince was mesmerized by the beauty of the princess
and so he quickly made his way over through the princess to say hi hello
beautiful lady it's the first time I see you around here
why are you getting than stinging nettles with your bare hands because she
could not tell anyone about her plan the princess could not answer I am the
prince of this kingdom and if you allow me I would like to invite you to my
castle the princess accepted the invite thinking that she would be much safer in
the castle and so this way she could save her brother's faster spending her
days in the castle the princess secretly continued making the stinging nettle
jackets for her brother but one day the princess cousin saw the princess sewing
clothes with the stinging nettles and so he thought that she was a witch he
started rumors in the castle so that she would get arrested at the beginning the
prince did not believe any of the rumors but as time passed he became
one night he followed the princess going out of the castle into the woods and
when he saw her gathering stinging nettles hmm so the rumors were true if
she wasn't a witch why would she get her all these stringing metals she's
obviously getting them to cast a spell he immediately ordered his guards to
take her and put her in the dungeon even in the dungeon
the young princess secretly continued to make the jackets and finally one day she
finished them all the following day they took the princess to the city center for
her trial she would be punished at the end of the trial here but right when the
judge was going to announce his decision suddenly 11 the white Wild Swans flew
down from the sky next to her everyone was stunned looking at the Wild Swans hi
brothers you came the jackets are under my skirt but them on this instant all
her brothers wore their jackets that were under their sisters skirt one by
one they all turned into human again unfortunately only one of the jackets
did not have enough stinging nettle for the arms the youngest brothers arms
remained as a wild swan swing after turning into human again the princess
began to explain all that happened to the judge and the people
they told them that their sister was innocent the Prince believed that the
girl was not a sorcerer he apologized to her with the happiness of her brother's
freedom she forgave the prince
altogether they returned to the castle the prince proposed to the young girl
will you marry me my beautiful princess yes my prince but first we must visit my
father with my brothers this way the eleven brothers went over to their
father's castle their father was extremely happy and surprised to see
them the children began to tell their father all that had happened hurry and
catch the Queen bring her to me after finding out about the kids she knew she
would get caught so she secretly turned herself into a crow and flew away and
never returned to the king's castle the young princess said her farewells to
her brothers and father and returned to the princes country they got married and
lived happily ever after
the story of the Wild Swans about love and hope has been told from generation
to generation