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PAW Patrol Extreme Ice Cream Mighty

PAW Patrol  Extreme Ice Cream

what a beautiful sunny day I could
really do with an ice cream to cool me
down hi there good way what's going on
hi, Ryder, we have a problem down at the
beach Mr. Porter's ice cream truck is
stuck in the sand uh-oh that doesn't
sound good 
my name pops ready for my knee action
Ryder sir thanks for hurrying mighty
pups Mr. Porter's ice cream truck had
gotten stuck on the beat and he's
trapped inside he could be swept out to
sea at any moment Mr. famous ice cream
we have to save him, Zuma, OH
thank goodness your hair the water is
already rising
alright mighty pups you've got to get
Mr. Porter out of that truck
mighty marshal can you use your mighty
heat powers to burn a hole through the
metal I'm ready for a red-hot rescue

PeppaPig Uses a Metal Detector

thanks, mighty Marshall my truck
oh, dear don't worry Mr. Berger I'll get
that fixed in no time
green means go mighty pop you're on a
roll now your mother's ready for trouble
Music   Applause
it's no boots really stuck in there oh
dear I must upload in my truck with too
much ice cream I've got an idea
why don't we unload the ice cream and
take it back to your cafe but it
wouldn't melt before we got there
not with my SuperSpeed maybe chase is on
the case

whoa that was mighty fat my disguise see
if you can use your mighty vehicle to
tow the truck out of the sand maybe
rocky do you have some sort of rope in
your energy tool belt
I have an idea but I'll need someone to
keep the ocean at bay
lady rubbles ready for trouble
if we can't lift it up from above and
we'll have to push it out from
underneath may be rocky, I'll need some
plate okay everyone stand back and watch
out for fly ash cream truck
come on mighty doula you're almost there