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Story Of Santa Claus Best Learning For Kids

Story Of Santa Claus Best Learning  For Kids  

Santa Claus Best Learning

 Christmas is incomplete without Santa Claus, isn't it? 
But not many know that it was Saint Nicholas who is now known as Santa Claus!
 Come let's know more about him! 
It was believed that there lived a monk named Saint Nicholas. 
Who was a big man with a big heart?
 He would often give away all this wealth and possessions to the ones who were needy. Saint Nicholas was believed to be born in 280 A.D. Near Myra, in modern-
day Turkey. As legends say, Saint Nicholas was a smart kid. 
He started reading the bible at the age of five. There are many stories of Saint Nicholas's generosity too.
 One that stands popular is the one where he saved three poor sisters.
from being sold into slavery by their father by giving them 3 bags full of money! When Saint Nicholas died, it was believed that people saw angels around him...to guide his way to heaven! But even after his death, people continued the practice of giving gifts. Slowly and steadily, his popularity spread across all borders. And that's how we got our Santa Claus! Many believe that he lives in the North Pole. rides on a sleigh pulled by a reindeer... To keep gifts in socks of Christmas Trees! 
 Did you know that in the early years, Santa Claus was shown in different colors? Not like the ones you see now. It was only after a television commercial,.....

that the image of Santa Claus began in red and white. Saint Nicholas day is celebrated on the 6th of December. If Santa Claus were alive, he would be 1,748 years old. Who says Santa's is not alive? He is alive in all of you! He is alive in all the goodness and niceness that sticks with you all through! Oh yes! And that is exactly the spirit of Christmas! 

I'll spend some time with Santa, while you come back next time for more fun facts! This is me Zooming out! Merry Christmas! - Merry Christmas! Hey kids,