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kids stories king He had 11 sons and Eliza

kids stories king He had 11 sons and a daughter called Eliza 

Once upon a time, there lived a king He had 11 sons and a daughter called Eliza. The boys loved their sister dearly and the girl adored her brothers. Everything was lovely and peaceful in the kingdom. Till one day the king summoned his children. Children, I have something to tell you. What is it, Father? I have been very lonely since your mother's death. And I have decided to get married again. Your new mother will be very nice and she will love you immensely. Soon after this, the king married a beautiful woman. But what he didn't know was that the woman was a wicked witch who had no intentions of loving the children. The children discovered this the very first time they met her. Oh no, mother hates us. What will we do? Don't worry my brothers. Well, be fine as long as we have each other. But the new queen had other plans for them. I don't want to see these children around me anymore. I will get rid of them immediately. She arranged for Eliza to be sent to live far away with a farmer and his wife. And she made up some mean lies about the 11 boys forcing the king to banish them from the kingdom.


 Once alone with the boys, she cursed them. I will make sure that even if you come back to this kingdom and castle no one will recognize you. I curse you all to turn into ugly birds! But the boys were so good at heart that the evil spell did not work on them. Instead, they turned into eleven beautiful swans. Before the witch could do anything they all flew away. Time passed, and Eliza turned 15 years old. For her birthday she could meet the king. I must keep the daughter and farther away from each other. I don't want the foolish king to bring her back into the castle. So, she used one of her ticks and turned Eliza into a very ugly girl. When the king saw her, he was furious. My Eliza was really beautiful. Who is this fraud, pretending to be my daughter? Throw her out of the castle. The soldiers did as commanded and threw Eliza out of the castle. Heartbroken Eliza wandered into the forest. I wish my brothers were here with me. I am so lonely without them. As Eliza walked through the jungle she came upon a pond. She stopped there. As she washed her face with the ponds water the witch's trick wore off and Eliza turned into her beautiful self again. She was just sitting there when an old lady approached her. What are you doing in the jungle, my dear? I am looking for 11 princes. They are my brothers. Have you seen them? I haven't seen 11 princes but I have seen 11 beautiful swans with crowns on their heads. If you hurry you might still find them by the river bank. Eliza thanked the old woman and rushed to the river. After a few hours of walking, she came upon the river. As she stood there looking for her brothers she saw eleven white swans approaching. They landed just near her and tuned one by one into a prince. Brothers! I'm so happy to see you all! It's me, Eliza! Sister! You found us! We thought wed lost you forever. I am so happy to see you all. But what had happened to you? The witch cursed us. During the day we fly around like wild swans. But at night we come back to our human form. Each year we can go home once and visit the castle. We will be leaving for the castle once again, tomorrow. You must come with us sister! Yes, brother. I will come with you all. But I must also find a way to free you form this terrible curse. The next morning the swans asked Eliza to sit on a net. Then they picked up the nets in their beaks and flew towards the castle. They flew the whole day and halted near a cave at night. Tired, they all fell asleep very soon. As Eliza slept, she dreamt of a fairy who looked like the old woman from the forest. To break the curse on your brothers you must pluck the sharp nettle from the graveyard near this cave. Crush it and knit a cloak with it for each one of them. But you must not say a single word till your entire task is complete. Otherwise, all your brothers will die. But you must know that this won't be an easy task it will prick and hurt and make your hands bleed. Eliza woke up in the morning determined to save her brothers. The swans had all gone out to collect food. So, she made her way to the graveyard and plucked the nettle. It pricked and cut her hands badly. But she did not care she just wanted to save her brothers. She brought the nettle back to the cave and started doing what the fairy had instructed. A little mouse saw what she was doing and decided to help her. At night the princes returned to the cave and saw Eliza working with the nettle her hands bleeding. What's going on Eliza? What are you doing? Why won't you answer us, Eliza? Are you okay? But Eliza wouldn't answer because she knew she mustn't say a word till her task was over. I think she has taken up a task and will not talk till it is over. The boys decided not to disturb her anymore. Instead, they brought food and water for her and fed her with their own hands while she kept on knitting the cloaks. This went on for many days. Eliza kept working on the cloaks even though her hands pained and hurt her. The little mouse also continued to help her. They made one cloak after the other till only one more cloak was left to be completed. But Eliza had run out of nettle for it. So, she headed to the graveyard for more. As she was plucking the nettle she became surrounded by a handsome prince and his men. Hello, what are you doing here in a graveyard? Can I help you? Eliza did not answer him. How dare you defy the prince! Answer him, now! Stop it! Forgive me, my lady. I can see that perhaps you cant talk. And looking at your hands I think you need some rest and medical care. Let me and my men escort you to my castle where you will be taken care of. The prince had fallen in love with Eliza and to take care of her he took her to the castle. Eliza had no choice but to go with him. She could not speak and explain her situation to him. Though she was completely taken care of at the castle Eliza was not happy. She wept dearly because she worried about her brothers. I cannot understand your sadness so I sent my men back to where I had met you. They found these cloaks in a cave nearby. I had them bring them here for you. I think they belong to you. For the first time in many days, Eliza felt happy. Now she just needed to complete the last cloak and find her brothers somehow. So that night she sneaked out of the castle and went back to the graveyard to pluck the nettle. There was some noise behind her. She was surprised to see the prince there. What are you doing here! My men warned me that you are a witch. Who works with nettle from a graveyard? I did not believe them but now I do! Your punishment for being a witch is dead!

  Once again, Eliza was taken away from

 Once again, Eliza was taken away from the graveyard. But this time she was put in a jail cell. Her death sentence would be carried out the next morning. Just then her cell door opened. It was a soldier with all the nettle cloaks. Here! Keep all this junk with you! Eliza felt terrible. The last cloak was half complete but she had no more nettle. She didn't know what to do. Just then, the little mouse appeared at her cell window. He had brought nettle with him. Eliza quickly took the nettle from him and got to work. The mouse scurried back to the graveyard to get some more. Both of them worked together through the night. By the time the soldiers came to take Eliza away she had readied the eleventh cloak too! It is time for your punishment. Get into that cart outside. Eliza followed the instructions. And she took the cloaks with her. She kept hoping to see the swans one last time. Right then, the 11 white swans came and sat around her. Eliza quickly threw the cloaks on them. And one by one, each swan turned into a prince. Let go of her she is a princess. Yes, she is our sister and she is innocent I have completed my task and I can speak now. I am not a witch but I was working to free my brothers from the witch's curse. Her brothers explained the whole situation to the Prince. I am sorry I misunderstood you. It would be my honor to marry someone as brave and determined as you. So, the Prince and Eliza got married. Then all of them went to Eliza's father and told him the truth about the witch. The king had the witch punished by death and welcomed his children back home. So, you see Tofu sometimes a task may be painful and hard but if you stick to it results will come. Yes, I see that now. And I also see that sisters are the best!