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Fairy tales for lie children learned folk tale

Fairy tales for lie children learned folk tale

Fairy tales for lie children learned folk tale

the learner's fools there lived four friends in a village one day they were talking amongst themselves about going to Kashi for higher education 

shall all start for Kashi tomorrow what
do you all say dear friends I think
common sense is more important than
higher education no higher education
is important I have no interest in
higher education because common sense is
of more value to me no I will not come
along the three friends left for Kashi

along the three friends left for Kashi
for higher education the fourth friend
did not accompany them after some years
the three friends returned to the
village they have already completed
their higher education

their higher education there is no
opportunity for people like us in this
village let us move to the city to find
better jobs yes yes you're right hey can
I also come along you have no knowledge
what will you do in the city without any
formal education that doesn't really
matter I'm clever enough to earn money
in the city, I will accompany you all the
for friends leave for the city look

friends, there's a dead lion I can use my
knowledge and put the bones together
can put the skin over the skeleton I can
put life into that beware
the lion would kill us all if you give
it live you don't know anything you're
just trying to disturb our experiment
the three friends began their experiment
don't do this thing again you fools
he'll kill us he realized that they
would not stop so he climbed a tree for
safety the lion came to life and pounced
on the friends one by one it killed all
the three friends you should have used
your common sense before using your
knowledge the only friend who survived
was the fourth friend who used his
common sense moral knowledge without
common sense is no good