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PeppaPig Uses a Metal Detector

 now we can find George's lost key grandpa I'll show you imagine I have lost this coin I turn on the metal detector and sweet gently from side to side I'm looking for it here I'm looking for it there grandpa you put the Queen here I know Peppa I'm just pretending to look for it why don't you pretend to look for it here hear you say aha I found something it's a coin yes grandpa it's the one you just put yes Peppa and that's how you find things with a metal detector can we have a go, of course, let's find that lost key no it's a nail keep doing here George wants to find the key now we wind up me. robot yeah George never wants to lose the key again don't worry George if the key falls out again we can find it with my new metal detectors it's your old metal detector grandpa pig it was hidden in the long grass all the time excellent now I have two metal detectors when one gets lost I can find it with the other but what if they both get lost then I'll cut the grass 

PeppaPig Uses a Metal Detector

 pepper and her family have been for a lovely day out in the mountains time to go home back to the car thank you for visiting the mountain beauty spot see you again soon no George you can't play with the car keys you might lose them I'm a grown-up I'm not going to lose them, h dear daddy pig has dropped the car keys down a drain right let's go home that might be difficult why he's down the drain Oh daddy pig 
don't worry I'll get the keys out of the drain with a stick, hmm the drain must be deeper than I thought the stick is not long enough to reach the keys what we need is a fishing rod then we can catch the keys on a hook maybe miss rabbit sells fishing rods Oh do you sell fishing rods we do actually I don't know why you don't get fish in the mountains we're not fishing for fish we're fishing for keys my daddy dropped the car keys down the drain oh you'll never get 
those back that drains really deep what it drains for a drain takes the rainwater away to the sea the fishing line is not long enough to reach the keys my goodness how deep is this drain we can see how deep it is by dropping a stone good idea miss rabbit we can count how long the stone takes to reach the bottom that is deep told you what can we do now it is Mr. Bullen's best friend [Music] George loves diggers and trains welcome to the mountain beauty spots have you come to do some work no it's our day off so we came to enjoy the beauty spot you can say for miles boss yes it's very pretty ah Mr. bull could we borrow your crane for a minute my daddy dropped the car keys down the drain try no more I'll have a nap in no time Mr. rhino the crane please down she goes how lucky Mr. Poole came along when he did yes now we'll finally get our keys back that's as far as she goes chief Mr. bull is the chief did you know the crane isn't long enough now what should we do Mr. bull is the beauty spot what's going on we came to see the beauty spot they're digging it up right now Thank You Mr. bull nothing where's the beauty spot gone the mountain beauty spot is now a big hole it's a cave now welcome to the cave beauty spot and Mr. Poole yes oh
 good at digging holes Mr. bull loves digging holes everybody loves digging holes  olden days Suzy sheep have come to play at Peppa's house it's a photograph not a baby it's an old photo when I was a baby don't be silly Suzy in the olden days you were a baby - pepper no I wasn't yes you were ask your mommy mummy pig is working on the computer I was a baby well you were pepper look here are some photos on the computer who do you think that is it's baby Alexander baby Alexander is Peppa's cousin no that's you as a baby pepper baby pepper somebody sounds like they're having fun baby I remember it well it was taken on our first day in this house what do you mean when you were little we moved into this house we brought all our things on top of our car mummy pig put some pictures up daddy pig put up a shelf and grandpa pig made us a lovely flower garden daddy pig looked after it we had the wrong kind of soil for flowers and anyway you needed somewhere to play you and Suzy love to play in the garden see my friend in the olden days yes you and Suzy have always been best friends  no pepper you were babies you 

PeppaPig Uses a Metal

couldn't even walk soon after that you were toddlers he was a baby in my tummy yes you were in my tummy George no pepper this tummy is pure muscle and so George was born and granny and Grandpa gave George a very special present can you guess what it was that's right and you and Suzy were running and jumping around then one day you saw something amazing pepper if you jump in muddy puddles you must wear your boots you loved jumping up and down in muddy puddles  let's take a photo now jumping up and down in muddy puddles  today is George's birthday it is very early in the morning it sounds like someone's up bright and early you woke everyone up on your birthday pepper that was different that was my birthday