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Cinderella Series Episode 4 Three Witches

Cinderella Series Episode 4 Three Witches

Cinderella and the three witches once

upon a time in a land far away there lived a magician named zinnia zinnia believed that she was the most powerful magician that had ever existed but when the fairy Leah Bell broke one of her spells zinnia realized that her magic had weakened so she used her magic to summon magicians and witches to join forces I'm calling for you magicians and witches from everywhere you think the thing is turned on give me a sign the first one to respond to zinnias calls was the evil witch Helen then Vega from the underwater world came into conversation and finally they began to make treacherous plans together Halla told that she wanted to destroy the beauty of Snow White and Vega plan to take control of the underwater Kingdom by harming mermaid Aria we must win a war against the princesses but we will start with Cinderella then let's go get snow-white and Aria as the trio of witches tackled with evil laughter Cinderella awoke to a happy morning with her little mouse friends rainbow is all above your prince will give you love so never give up two hearts  how beautiful you looked my princess but before she could answer the earth began to shake under their feet the trees around them were about to fall over they swung to the left and to the right Cinderella's friend the white pigeon flew towards them nervously what's going on here please help my pigeon when the white pigeon noticed Cinderella's situation she flew to the ocean with a letter to the underwater Kingdom what is happening the castle began to fade away it was about to be wiped from the earth this was all happening because the three evil magicians xenia hella and Vega bewitched the castle together with the help of their crystal balls they thought they couldn't be stopped and when when Cinderella and Prince Leo ran away from the castle it began to rain so they took shelter under a easel nut tree that means we can call from VFL Cinderella put her hand on the hazelnut tree closed her eyes and called for the Good Fairy Leah Belle Leah bell Leah Belle help us to break the spell when she heard Cinderella's voice Leah Belle appeared under the tree and used her wand to find out what was going on there's witches in the tree oh no Cinderella this is the work of three powerful witches they are so strong we must hurry up and break this spell

Cinderella Series Episode

with a little magic fairy Leah Bell took everyone to the castle when they arrived they couldn't believe what they saw the old castle was gone instead there was a new evil looking castle mozzarella and cheddar were also in shock suddenly Xenia the magician appeared in front of the castle with hella and Vega next to her you came to the wrong place now you don't have a home and now you will disappear to each of the evil witches starts to fire magic bolts at Cinderella Lea Belle panicked and tried to shield Cinderella from the magic rays with her one but she was outnumbered and the magic drained the power she was almost defeated she couldn't hold her magic wand any longer and it dropped  Cinderella quickly took the magic wand and turned it to the witches fortunately the light from the wand could stop the magic trace what are we going to do now but the evil witches wouldn't give up this time Vega used her power to defeat Cinderella by using water from deep down a mirror she made the water split and water streamed out oh no how could she do this you will never be able to defeat me as the waters streamed all over something unexpected happened little mermaid arias father King Poseidon appeared I read your letter leave Vega to me Poseidon used his Trident and directed some of the water towards the widgets bravery you can't do this Vega tried to stop the water but she couldn't Poseidon pointed his trident at the witches again and turned the water into ice so that the witches were trapped in a giant ice block Leah Belle saw her chance to help she reached out for her wand and used its power to wrap a chain around the ice block and put a big lock on them then she lifted them up and threw them onto a mountain where no one would ever dare to climb finally the witches had been defeated Poseidon return to the underwater Kingdom good fairy Leah Bell made the new terrible-looking Castle disappear and restored Cinderella's beautiful castle back to where it was Prince Leo and Cinderella were so glad to have their Castle back Thank You Leah Belle no matter how evil the witches are they will never be able to defeat your kindness I will protect you forever dear Cinderella The Witches received the punishment for what they had done they stayed trapped in the ice block on a mountain until the Sun melted the ice and may return to their lives this war hasn't ended here Illya Belle at Cinderella as soon as Rapunzel's witch Camilla joins us you will be defeated