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Cinderella Series Episode 3 Magic Slippers Fairy

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Cinderella the magic slippers

once upon a time in a land far away there was a beautiful girl named Cinderella the kind-hearted princess Cinderella lived together with Prince Leo in a wonderful castle there was an old lady living in their country who had been working in a bakery for a long time she baked the most delicious breads but hardly anyone knew that this old lady Xenia was indeed a dangerous magician Xenia would always go into her magic room in the basement he from everyone else to prepare different potions for those who ask for her magic as the days passed lady puffy and her daughters Cassandra and Jezebel were still pursuing treacherous plans to take over the Magnificent Palace I'm sure there was some magic involved hmm Cassandra mentioned the magician named Xenia who was secretly preparing potions in her small basement room on the same day Cinderella and Prince Leo were planning to organize a bowl at the castle I'm going to wear my glass slippers to the bulb while the preparations for the ball were taking place lady puffy and her daughters were already on their way to the evil magician they walked along a forest road until they finally saw a sign with some strange letters written on it as they moved towards the sign they noticed a tunnel entrance and entered in in this mysterious tunnel which was very dark candles lit up magically as they were passing by and a little further down the path and owl appeared in front of them who are you what are you doing on this road don't you know the password this is ridiculous that's right follow me I will leave you there

Cinderella Series Episode

somebody turn on the owl door for me thank you clockwise very good lady's finger someone here to see you there were a lot of potion bottles around boilers ladles clamps different herbs plants and tiny bats flying around in the air this place is so scary in the colorful smoke lady puppy and her daughter's waited eagerly for the magician finally Xenia appeared wearing a black hat and raised her hat to show them her face tell me what spell do you want from me lady puppy realized that Xenia was actually her sister who she hadn't seen in years about you you are my sister I can't believe my eyes we thought you were lost you are a magician now yes now I can have it all tell me why do you need a spell the girls told aunt Xenia that they wanted to take over Cinderella's life Xenia decided to use a very powerful spell because her sister and her nieces were involved at first she asked for hair of each girl and put it in a yellow bowl filled with some magical water then she took the footsteps of Cassandra and Jezebel with the help of a basin filled with mud she took the water poured it into the footprints and at that moment Cinderella's slippers appeared on the wall directly in front of the girls he caps of horses and the speed of a cat [Music] caused her to fall flat at the sound of puppy's voice the glass slippers will go only where she commands them to step [Music] give me a phone and watch how Cinderella will fall can't play with her life at all and watch how the magic will flow  everything I can capture all that I can my everything finally it was the night of the ball Cinderella put on her favorite dress with her precious glass slippers and went to the ballroom lady puffy and her daughter's watched Cinderella secretly from a corner of the ball all right magic slippers let Cinderella stumble when Cinderella suddenly fell to the ground of course she couldn't understand what was going on she stood up quickly but her feet would not stop moving and she kicked the ball guests as they ran around the hall [Music] what is happening to me Cinderella ran back and forth to the right and to the left neither the prince nor the ball guests could stop her finally she came out of the ballroom and ran down the castle stairs but still couldn't control her feet in the meantime lady puffy and her daughter's watch Cinderella and giggled Cinderella's leaving the castle look at her go hey I wonder where she's going Cinderella quickly ran away from the castle get lost in distant lands Cinderella when all this happened Cinderella's little friends mozzarella and cheddar asked fairy Lea Bell for help under a hazelnut tree come here wherever you are we need your help Lea Bell suddenly appeared in front of mozzarella and cheddar and flew straight to where Cinderella was the magic glass slippers changed their colour and turned red Lea bell waved her magic wand to Cinderella's shoes but it did not help 

Cinderella Series Episode

 slippers of speed not meant to be comfy stop when your path gets muddy and bumpy the fairies magic phrases created a swamp on the road the glass shoes got stuck in the magic swamp and they stopped but unfortunately Cinderella began to sink into the swamp to help Leah Belle I'm sinking Leah Belle waved her wand three times and wings grew out of Cinderella's shoulders Cinderella used the new wings to escape the swamp Thank You me about you saved my life but I will never be able to see my glass slippers again the glass slippers were bewitched Cinderella hurry let's go back to the castle fairy Lea Bell gave Cinderella new shoes and they went back to the castle together Cinderella was very happy to meet Prince Leo and her little friends again when lady puffy and her daughters realized that their evil plan had failed they left the ball immediately the good ones always win I hate it Cinderella and her loved ones always stay happy the owl watched everything and told the magician Xenia this is awful I think yeah thing yo listen the food thing did not work this can't 
be happening no can they defeat a magician like me nobody can do that