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Cinderella Series Episode 2 The Evil Fairy

Cinderella evil fairy once upon a time in a land far away there
 lived a beautiful princess named Cinderella Cinderella was married to the handsome prince Leo they lived happily in the great castle and enjoyed their lives but back at Cinderella's own her stepmother lady puffy and her two daughters were all upset and jealous if I was living at that castle I would be going to the best balls and I would be delicious meals at the castle keep it there cat Pappu would dream about a wealthy life at the castle lady puffy was so angry that she threw Cinderella's things out the attic window one by onewe don't need any of these things anymore it's all lipst this suddenly lady puffy spotted a box which was left in the corner of the room with great curiosity she opened it huh and found an old pocket watch inside lady puffy took the pocket watch and headed to the living room the sisters also were very curious when they saw the old watch and they present the button on the side of the watch to open it up and to see what was hiding inside it seemed to be an ordinary watch with an ordinary mirror except the hands of the clock began to turn backwards all of a sudden bright lights shone out of the watch and lit up the whole room they were all surprised and suddenly an evil fairy appeared you what who are you I am the very fast my name is Kyra Bell Kyra Bell was thrown out of the fairy world because she was a bad hearted cruel fairy she told lady puffy and her daughters whoever of you ladies saved me make a wish the evil fairy Kyra Beth chose the lady puppy for the wish and without hesitation lady puffy made a wish I want you to turn back time to the knight of the pole Prince Leo shall get married to one of my beautiful daughters Hachi the evil feeling waved her magic wand at the pocket watch and made every watch in the whole country turn backwardwith that happy Cinderella suddenly found herself back in time at the night in which she became married to the prince then tonight slipped backward again when she was at the huge mansion that was built for the glass she tried to get into the mansion again then she moved back in time again when lady puffy and her daughter's locked her up in the house and went to the mansion to try on the glass slipper Prince Leo found Cinderella's shoe at the castle stairs and again at the clock a hint the wonderful dance took place once more then Cinderella headed to the castle in her pumpkin coach time kept slipping backwards

Cinderella Series

until Cinderella found herself sitting under the hazelnut tree with cheddar and mozzarella and berry Lea Bell came back again beautiful Cinderella I came to help you Lea Belle what's going on the Prince doesn't know me anymore this must be the work of my evil sister Kyra Bell Lea Bell told about some mysterious box in the world of the fairies  it was strictly forbidden to open up that box but very Kyra Bell  she told that Kyra Bell was punished and trapped into an old pocket watch after a long time had passed she was set out of her prison by lady puffy and her daughters she showed Cinderella that Kyra bow was together with them lady puffy made a horrible wish to Kyra Bell in order to fix this we need to lock her back up inside of that watch I agree but how Lia Bell Cinderella and their little friends made a plan another few days turned backwards the ambassador of the castle announced the ball again but this time Cassandra and Jezebel didn't tell Cinderella about the ball and tried on their ballroom dresses in secret the next day to stop Cinderella from going to the ball laid with puffy locked her up in the attic and walked away with her daughter's without safe anything before entering the ballroom Kyla Belle appeared next to them she waved her magic wand and put a love spell on Cassandra as soon as Cassandra entered the ballroom she caught Prince Leo's attention thanks to the love spell the Prince headed towards her and asked her if she would dance with him meanwhile Cinderella and her little friends were still locked up in the Attic waiting for the Good Fairy the white pigeon arrived at Cinderella's small window carrying the old pocket watch in which Kyra Belle was trapped before 

Cinderella Series

 a moment later the good fairy Leah Belle appeared in front of them we have to go to the hazelnut tree right now berry waved her magic wand once and all of a sudden Cinderella and her friends found themselves under the hazelnut tree again but from behind the tree the evil fairy Kyra bell surprised them your plan will fail Cinderella will never make it and now it's your time to be trapped in the watch via Bell the evil fairy cast her spells at cfl with all her snap she powers and Leah Bell fought back with her magic one the little mice and pigeon kid behind Cinderella because of the powerful battle Leah bells wand became stronger and stronger and the evil theory was defeated and blown down to the ground Cinderella the watch opened the watch hurry up no please I can't be trapped inside that watch again Cinderella opened the watch in her hand quickly the evil fairy Chi rebelled disappeared slowly and went back into the mirror in the watch all the watches in the country started to move correctly again but of course this was not the end of the story the ball I'm too late for the ball be about the good fairy with a magic touch Steve Cinderella a wonderful dress and her famous glass shoes a few moments later with a little help of magic she turned the pigeon into a huge bird so Cinderella sat down on the back of the pigeon and without wasting a moment they quickly flew away to the castle [Music] [Applause] [Music] but when she arrived she saw Prince Leo dancing with Cassandra  mozzarella and cheddar ran to the prints and tried to wake him from his spell Hey the most beautiful girl at the ball is over there most beautiful girl whatever let us dance look she's waiting for you go as soon as Prince Leo saw Cinderella he fell in love with her again and the magic of true love destroyed the smell of the evil fairy Cinderella and Prince Leo started to dance I think I know you your beautiful face looks really familiar Cinderella happily danced with the prince also mozzarella and cheddar were dancing finally everything was as it was supposed to be Cinderella and Prince Leo were married again within a few days and they're lovely hearts were back on track while lady puffy and her arrogant daughters were mad out of jealousy