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Chika and His Homework Good Habits Bedtime Stories for Kids

Chika and His Homework  Good Habits Bedtime Stories for Kids

Chika and His Homework

Chika was a good boy, but he was very lazy when it came to doing his homework.
Oh, the homework is so boring!
Maybe I’ll play now and do my homework later!
Chika always made excuses
when his mother asked him to finish his homework.
Chika, please finish your homework.
You only have a few problems left.
I’ll do it later, Mom.
I’m really tired now.
Chika even made up stories when his

Chika and His Homework

the teacher asked to see his homework.
Chika, please show me your homework.
Uh… uh…. my dog ate it, Miss Dorothy.
Chika’s mother met Miss Dorothy one day.
She was Chika’s favorite teacher.
Chika never does his homework, Miss Dorothy.
No matter how many times I tell him.
I have an idea.
We'll do something to make sure
Chika always does his homework going forward.
Miss Dorothy gave the children homework that day.
Children, please be sure to finish your homework today.
It’s very important.
I’ll be checking it tomorrow.
Yes, Miss Dorothy.
But even after Miss Dorothy reminded him,
Chika didn’t do his homework that day.
The next day, Miss Dorothy made an announcement to the class.
Children, I have a surprise for you.
The principal has invited you all to visit the school garden.
The school garden?
Yes! And you will all learn to be gardeners.
You’ll get special hats and tools.
And have a chance to do some real gardening.
The children were excited.
Especially Chika.
He couldn’t wait to go to the garden.
Gardening was one of his favorite things to do.
What time are we going to the garden, Miss Dorothy?
Right after I check everyone’s homework.
The principal said she will only take the children
who have completed their homework to visit the garden?

So children, please show me your homework.

showed Miss Dorothy their homework.
I finished my homework, Miss Dorothy.
So have we.
But Chika hadn’t done his homework.
And so Chika was the only one who wasn’t
allowed to go to the garden.
I’d like to be a gardener too, Miss Dorothy.
If you do your homework today, Chika,
we can all go back to the garden tomorrow.
That evening Chika did his homework on his own.
His mother didn’t even have to remind him once.
The next day, Chika immediately showed his homework to Miss Dorothy.
I’ve done my homework, Miss Dorothy.
Great work, Chika.
Today you too will get to be a gardener.
Miss Dorothy took the class to the garden again.
And this time, Chika got a hat and tools as well.
And he had fun gardening with all his friends.
From that day on, Chika did his homework on his own every day.

And both Miss Dorothy and Chika’s mother felt very proud of him.