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Charlie Brown Thanksgiving - Full Movie - Part 5

Charlie Brown Thanksgiving - Full Movie - Part 5

The story has Charlie Brown and Sally getting ready to go over to their grandmother’s house when Charlie Brown gets a call from Peppermint Patty, who invites herself, Marcie and Franklin over for Thanksgiving. Charlie Brown’s inability to get a word in edgewise against the irrepressible Peppermint Patty creates a problem until Linus suggests having two dinners: One for Peppermint Patty and friends and the other at grandma’s house. 

you are kind of rough on Charlie Brown
weren't you sir rough look at this is
this what you call a Thanksgiving Day
dinner did we come across town for this
we're supposed to be served the real
Thanksgiving dinner now wait a minute
sir did he invite you here together or
did you invite yourself and us to gee I
never thought of it like that do you
think I heard old Chuck's feelings I bet
I hurt his feelings huh
golly why can't I act right outside of a
baseball game
Marcie maybe you can go to old Chuck and
patch things up one maybe you can tell
him how I really feel
tell them that I didn't mean it the way
it sounded Marcie you can do it you go
see him and tell him that I really like
him and that the dinner is okay with me
well I don't know but I'll try I think
maybe you should go to Chuck and tell me
yourself no Marcie I'll just ruin
everything you know I'm to fresca gruff
you're going speak for me well okay this
is not unlike another famous
Thanksgiving episode do you remember the
story of John Alden and Priscilla
Mullins and captain miles Standish this
isn't like that one at all don't feel
bad Chuck peppermint patty didn't mean
all those things she said actually she
really likes you I don't feel bad for
myself I just feel bad because I ruined
everyone's Thanksgiving but Thanksgiving
is more than eating Chuck you heard what
- was singing out there those already
pilgrims were thankful for what happened
to them and we should be thankful too
we should just be thankful for being
I think that's what they mean by
Thanksgiving Charlie Brown come here
see you later Charles Charles
he's all yours Priscilla Priscilla
Priscilla apologies accepted Chuck old
boy sure there's enough problems in the
world already chap without these stupid
misunderstandings let's not play lovers
game Chuck I agree you're holding my
hand Chuck you sly dog good grief it's 4
o'clock we're supposed to be a
grandmother's house for Thanksgiving by
I better top her and explain my dilemma
hello grandma this is Chuck I mean
Charlie Brown we're gonna be a little
you see I invited a few friends over and
they're still here well it's just Linus
and a girl named Marcie and a girl named
peppermint patty she's a great baseball
player and a boy named Franklin
they haven't eat as a matter of fact
they've let me know that no uncertain
terms what meme it
hey peppermint patty great nose we're
all by the Chive Brown's grandmother's
for Thanksgiving dinner