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Carried Away | A Mickey Mouse Cartoon | Disney Shorts

Mickey Mouse

Mickey and Minnie are launched on a cazy boat trip around the world.

Oh, Mickey,
I have a gift for you.
A gift? For me?
Oh, it's nothing big,
but I poured my heart and soul into it.
You crammed your soul into a ukulele?
No, silly. I wrote you a song.
Do you wanna hear it?
Do I? I wouldn't miss it for the world!
But it's still a work-in-progress.
Don't you worry. Just concentrate.
I won't let anything distract you.
♪ I'm as hazy and as crazy as a daydream
♪ On a sunbeam
♪ And I think I know the reason why
♪ It's all because of M-I-C-K-E-Y
♪ I'm getting carried away
♪ Carried away
♪ Carried away
♪ I'll sail the world in a day (HISSING)
♪ Just dreaming of you
♪ I have eyes only for you
♪ My turtledove
♪ I'm bitten by love (SCREAMING)
♪ I'm screaming out for dear life (SCREAMING)
♪ When you hold me tight
♪ You're debonair and dashing
♪ And altogether smashing
♪ I'm really tangled up in you
♪ My head has started spinning
♪ It's all a new beginning
♪ And I don't know what to do
♪ I wander logging the miles
♪ Milling about
♪ Until I shout (SCREAMING)
♪ I saw your face and I knew
♪ That you loved me, too
♪ Oh, Mickey
♪ Wouldn't it just be perfect
♪ To fly away with me?
♪ Nothing can ever come between us
♪ Skipping along and singing a song
♪ And laughing merrily
♪ Everywhere that we go
♪ No matter where I may roam
♪ If I'm at sea far from my home
♪ I'm certain one thing is true (ALARM BLARES)
♪ I'm falling for you
Okay, everyone.
Saw chee... Yow!
ALL: Chee-yow!
♪ I'll sail the world in a day
♪ From New York to Bombay
♪ And get carried away
♪ On you (EXHALES)
♪ Just dreaming of you ♪
So, did you like it?
Liked it? I loved it. (CHUCKLES) Yeah, yeah.
What was your favorite part?
I loved it all.
In fact, I... I'd love to hear it again.
My pleasure, my treasure.
And, this time, you won't have to save us.
And you can finally listen.