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Booba all his funny rings for young children

Booba all his funny rings for young children

Boopa is as cute and curious as any five-year-old.
Science is explored without anger or resentment only with joy and wonder. He does not speak but makes voices to express his feelings.No one knows where he came from, but it seems that he has missed the events of the last 100 years of human evolution, exploring contemporary sites and events with great vigor and enthusiasm. The strangeness of his movements, along with his strong desire to learn more about the world around him, often produces funny results. But this does not satisfy Boba's curiosity, so his adventures will continue

£ It's an extraordinary animation
 for children and little children, which pursues the experiences of entertaining and adorable animal otherwise called Буба, Buba, Bubba, Bobba and Boba.It's great to realize that the first name of that little brownie is articulated by little children as #booba, #boba, #буба, #bobby, #bobba, #bupa, #боба, #buba, #баба, #bobaa, #بوبا, #bubba, #baba, #duba, #boombahBooba is charming and curious, similar to a five-year-old child. He investigates the world without outrage or disdain, just satisfaction, and marvel. He doesn't talk, even though he makes sounds to express his feelings.No one knows where he originated from, however, he has missed the most recent 100 years of human advancement and investigates present-day areas with vast vitality and eagerness. His cumbersome developments joined with a powerful urge to get familiar with his general surroundings, frequently have amusing outcomes! In any case, this doesn't fulfill Booba's interest, so his undertakings will proceed in the up and coming arrangement.-Film lobby -Gathering -Carnival -Pastry shop -Painting -Mousetrap -Bow ti Attic -Carport -The Candle -Science bureau -Game room -Office-Nursery -Restroom -

An animated series for very young children. 
Started in 2014, there are now 16 episodes of about four minutes each, Booba follows the adventures of a strange creature - in the form of a perineum, he seems to be an old man (albeit furry). According to the description on the official YouTube channel of the exhibition, he is “sweet and curious, like a five-year-old. He studies the world without malice or crime, only with joy and surprise. I somehow miss the last hundred years of human development: he knows nothing about the modern world, but he is very excited to discover it. Everything about him. The more he discovered, the more he wanted to know.Booba is a 3D animation studio,
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