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Cinderella Series Episode 1 Story of Cinderella

Cinderella story once upon a time in a land far far away lived a beautiful girl named Cinderella after Cinderella's kind mother died her father married lady puffy lady puffy had two arrogant jealous and quarrelsome daughters just like herself they would fight for hours even though for something as simple as a hairbrush stop it I said stop it it's mine no one day Cinderella's father had to take a long journey Lady puffy took this chance to give all the hard work in the house to poor Cinderella cleaning the whole house carrying wood to the fireplace and preparing meals took up all of 

Cinderella Series Episode

Cinderella's time despite her hard work Lady puffy and her daughters were cruel and proud Cinderella's filthy don't let her eat in the same room with us don't let her sleep in our room we're having nightmares you heard what my beautiful daughters have said go and find a place to sleep in the Attic poor Cinderella settled in a dusty old room in the Attic out of her small window she looked down to the garden and from time to time she would talk to a snow-white pigeon why hello sweet pigeon as the days went on by while cleaning up her room in the Attic Cinderella met two little mice who are you, little guys, hi i'm cheddar I am mozzarella and I am Cinderella you little guys love to eat cheese don't you I will prepare a delicious meal for you yes yes yes yes yes starving we haven't been able to go to the kitchen for hours there is a mean hairy sharp monster down there that nasty cat pappu first thing tomorrow morning I'm going to prepare a delicious breakfast for you too the next morning Cinderella went the kitchen without making any noise the mean cat pappu waited in front of the tiny mouse hole in the kitchen to hunt cheddar and mozzarella 

Cinderella Series

 Cinderella silently took some pieces of cheese and headed to the attic but then lady puppy's daughters caught her what are you holding in your hand and where are you going with it um it's just some cheese for breakfast mom Cinderella is stealing our food I'm stealing I would never steal anything a thief and Alya what an evil girl you are the little mice went downstairs and started to run around the kitchen to scare the evil sisters Lady puffy was just about to catch the mice when there was a knock at the door the Royal Ambassador arrived His Majesty the Royal Prince has prepared a grand ball at the castle tomorrow night all the young ladies around the country are invited to this ball as soon as they heard about the grand ball Jezebel and Cassandra ran with huge excitement to their rooms and started to pick dresses for this important evening also lady puffy wanted her daughters to look beautiful so the evil stepsisters forced Cinderella to prepare beautiful ball dresses for them the next day arrived Cinderella was very tired her little friends tried to wake her up Cinderella but I don't even have a dress the only dress I have is dirty close your eyes Cinderella we have a surprise for you her little friends took Cinderella to the middle of the room the white pigeon lifted the cover of the wall with its beak I can't believe it it looks amazing Cinderella put on her new dress and did her hair and finally went downstairs but her evil stepsisters saw Cinderella and went crazy with jealousy Lady puffy didn't want Cinderella to go to the ball when she saw that she was prettier than her own daughters so she threw a bowl of beans into the fireplace in the living room for Cinderella to pick up if you can pick up the beans out of the ashes and put them back into the bowl within five minutes you can come to the ball with us Cinderella wanted to go to the ball so much that she began to pick up the beans her little friends saw her situation and came to help within five minutes they picked up all the beans and put them back into the bowl Cinderella ran after lady puffy who was already leaving and showed the full bowl to her lady puffy still did not want Cinderella to go to the ball so this time she used to Cinderella's dirty dress as an excuse and they left Cinderella in the house and went on to the princes castle poor Cinderella was very sad she sat down in the garden and wept and cried right under 

Cinderella Series

a hazelnut tree that her mother had planted long ago and just then the hazelnut tree began to shake and to shine and a beautiful fairy appeared in front of Cinderella my name is Lea Belle and I am here to help you don't be sad you will go to that ball as well but how am I supposed to go to the ball like this leave that to me hmm I just need a pumpkin the other things I need I'm already here Cinderella came back holding a pumpkin in her hands fairy Lea Bell began to wave her magic wand around and turned the pumpkin into a beautiful coach the mice in two very nice horses and the pigeon into a well-dressed coach driver Cinderella couldn't believe what she saw but how did you do this lea bell the fairy waved her magic wand again and put Cinderella and a beautiful blue dress on her feet appeared sparkling glass  slippers I look like a princess now Thank You Lea Belle now it's time for you to go to the ball hurry up the fairy warned Cinderella before she headed to the ball but don't forget you need to be back at midnight or else the magic will be gone and everything won't be as it was before Cinderella listened to the fairy carefully and finally headed to the castle the pumpkin coach stopped in front of the big castle Cinderella with her overwhelming beauty entered the castle the guests of the ball saw Cinderella and wondered who this beautiful young lady was neither lady puffy nor her daughter's realized that this beautiful girl was Cinderella Prince Leo moved towards Cinderella and fell in love at first sight beautiful young lady may I have this dance please Cinderella was mesmerised by the magical dance with Prince Leo so that she forgot about the time when the clock was just about to strike twelve she remembered the fairies warning you need to be back at midnight or else Cinderella left the prince back and ran out of the castle quickly where are you going I don't even know your name  Cinderella ran down the castle stairs and all of a sudden lost one of her glass slippers unfortunately she did not have time to go back and take it so she ran to the coach as fast as she could and left the castle find the beautiful owner of this lost slipper if necessary every girl in the country shall try on this shoe as soon as the clock struck twelve everything turned back to what it was before Cinderella went back to her room in the Attic she thought about the magical night she had had with Prince Leo and realized that she fell in love but it seemed to be impossible that the prince would recognize her with her old dirty clothes time passed and the prince had a huge mansion built next to the castle for the precious glass slipper all the young girls living in the next country visited this place to try the slipper on [Music] even lady puffy and her daughters visited the famous mansion but did not take Cinderella with them you stay at home it is impossible that the shoe belongs to you right the shoe is going to fit Cassandra or to me but I also am a young girl living in this country I have the right to try on the shoe as well lady puffy did not even listen to Cinderella she locked her up in the house and left with her daughters of course the glass slippers did neither fit to casandra's feet nor to Jezebel's ah if I tried only a little bit more I think it will fit at nighttime when the mansion's lights were sparkling Cinderella made it out of the house thanks to mozzarella and cheddar she arrived at the Majestic mansion and walked towards the sparkling glass slipper [Music] as she was just about to try on the shoe prints Leo stepped into the room stop don't move you're going to damage the shoe no no no it's my shoe it fits me perfectly she is telling the truth she is Cinderella Cinderella courageously put on the shoe in front of Prince Leo and he realized that the shoe who fits perfectly good night to Cinderella you you are the beautiful girl I danced with on that night may I know your name my name is Cinderella your highness will you marry me Cinderella Cinderella happily said yes to the prince whom she fell in love with they got married in the big castle and lived happily ever after